Shopware 6 Cloud Plugin - Features & Installation

We have developed a plugin for your Shopware 6 Cloud Store to connect CleverReach and your Shopware account and get started with your email marketing. 

This helpcenter post explains all features and the plugin installation. 

As this post is quite extensive we divided it into sub-chapters and listed all the contents for you. If you only need details on a certain topic, simply skip to the chapter by clicking on the chapter headline. 



 Selecting or Creating a Recipient List with Data Fields, Segments and Tags 

In the first step of the plugin installation you select the recipient list you want to add your Shopware customers to or create a new one. You don't need to import your data manually - everything's automated. 

Please note: If you select an already existing recipient list there's a one-directional data transfer during the initial synchronization. Everything stays the same in CleverReach. 

Beyond that data fields are created automatically, tags are attached to your recipients and segments are created to get started with sending emails to your customers right away. 

Which recipients are transferred? 

Shopware differentiates between customers and guest buyers. Both are transferred to CleverReach. 

In the second step of the plugin installation you decide who you want to transfer from Shopware to CleverReach - newsletter subscribers, buyers or other contacts: 


All people who have subscribed to your newsletter 


All people who have purchased something from your shop, including guest buyers 

(Other) contacts

All people who have neither subscribed to your newsletter nor purchased something from your shop. Basically, this included all other people from your database. 

  • Screenshot SW 6 Cloud

You can also select and transfer all of your contacts. Please note that you need your recipient's permission in accordance with the GDPR to contact them. 

Your selected datasets are transferred to CleverReach as active recipients and automatically get so-called "Special Tags" attached. Special tags indicate the type of recipient (Newsletter subscriber, buyer or other contact).

Select the Special tags in the email creation process and directly send out your newsletter. For detailed instructions, click here.

If you want to transfer more recipients at a later point, simply change your selection in the [Settings] and restart the synchronization. 

- Screenshot SW 6 Cloud

Transfer of Order Data 

When selecting the recipients for your data transfer you can also synchronize their order data: 

  • Screenshot

When activating the feature the following data are transferred to CleverReach and created as data fields: 

  • Order ID, product ID, product name, order date, price, currency, quantity, product source/ shop order, last order date, number of orders, total expenses of all orders, product category, product attributes, manufacturer 

The import of order data can't be mapped as the data fields already exist. For more details on this, browse this helpcenter post.

Define the transfer of order data in the plugin [Settings]:

  • Screenshot

Also select how old you want the purchase data to be you want to transfer. The last 365 days are transferred by default. If you want to transfer more data to CleverReach you can set this manually: 

  • Screenshot

Which customer data are definitely transferred?

Email address and shop name are mandatory fields you need to create and fill with data. 

Everything else you can select as you like and assign to a data field in CleverReach. 

What additional Shopware data can I transfer to CleverReach?

Manage and create custom attributes by navigating to [Configuration – Free text field Management] in Shopware. 

Transfer the following data:

  • Activated
  • Registered
  • Source
  • Salutation
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Street address
  • ZIP code
  • City
  • Company
  • Shipping address
  • State/ Province
  • Country
  • Birthday
  • Phone
  • Customer ID
  • Language
  • Last order date
  • Number of orders
  • Total expenses of all orders                                     

Use for example

  • Newsletter subscriptions and unsubscribes 
    • Shopware 6 Cloud does not yet offer a default field for that. Define the detail in an individual Shopware field and select it for the synchronization process. 
  • Product details of your Shopware items, such as image, text, size, material... 
  • Gender/ Salutation 
    • for a personalized newsletter delivery
  • Total expenses of all orders
    • e.g. contact all customers who spent more than 1,000 € in your shop. 

You can select all global data fields from CleverReach for the synchronization. 

What is a data field and where are data stored in CleverReach?

Customer data are automatically stored in global data fields in CleverReach during the plugin installation. 

Our email marketing tool has global data fields and list fields. 

  • When working with list fields, details are only added to the recipient list you add/import the details to. 
  • When working with global data fields, details are added to all recipient lists your recipient is part of. 

You can create a total of 45 data fields in your CleverReach account. 

During the plugin installation you can see how many fields have already been created in your CleverReach account and how many have been added during the import process. 

  • Screenshot aus SW 6 Cloud / Installation

In the next step of the installation process you select the global data field you want to store the Shopware attribute in. 

By assigning the CleverReach data field to the Shopware field/attribute, they are both linked. 

The plugin automatically assigns the data fields in the background. The assignment is based on the data field names. Change the default settings via the [Assign Data Fields] button.

You can also create one or several new data fields. 

What you need to know about data fields 

  • You can't use field labels twice (e.g. first name as a list field and as a global field).
  • Data fields may have up to 255 characters. 
  • If you delete data fields in the CleverReach field management, all saved data of that recipient get lost from this data field. 
  • Data fields may not have the same name as our system fields: "email", "id", "registered", "activated", "deactivated", "pool_id", "imported", "bounced", "bounce", "active", "source", "unsubscribe", "userid", "filter", "group_id", "blacklist", "tags" and "crtags".

You can find the transferred customer data in CleverReach when navigating to [Recipients] and opening your recipient list. 

Your customer data are displayed when navigating to [Profile Data]:

  • Screenshot

What happens to customer data (e.g. first name) if I select an existing recipient list for the synchronization? 

In step 3 of the plugin installation you select a list of attributes/fields for the synchronization of customer data. In the background, the plugin automatically matches the existing fields with the selected fields.

You have two options for the remaining data:

  • use an existing data field or 
  • create a new data field. 

The connection between both systems is bi-directional. This means that if the input of a CleverReach data field is updated the plugin automatically also updates the attribute/field in Shopware. 


  • In your Shopware account you have a field called "first name". 
  • During the plugin installation you select the attribute for the synchronization and match it to the CleverReach data field "first name". 
  • The first synchronization is done - your Shopware data is synchronized with CleverReach.
  • You change the input of the field "First name" in CleverReach
  • The plugin updates the field "First name" in Shopware as well 

Please note: The bi-directional update only works for fields you have defined and selected for the initial Shopware synchronization. 

Can I transfer more data to the plugin or delete data fields? 

Yes, you can change the [Settings] of the integration at any time and e.g. add, rename or delete data fields: 

  • Screenshot

When deleting a field for the synchronization in the plugin, no data are deleted in CleverReach. The changes only apply to future synchronizations. 

If you rename a data field in CleverReach or Shopware, this is not automatically transferred in the other direction. Technically speaking, nothing changes. 

The synchronization keeps working and the renamed field is used. The field name is updated in the mapping assignment. 

What Tags are automatically attached to my recipients? 

So-called Special tags are attached to your recipient during the installation process. Special Tags show the status of a recipient: 

  • Newsletter subscriber
  • buyer or
  • other contact 

The special tags are available during the email creation process and you can select them for your email delivery. 

- Screenshot

For more details, take a look at this helpcenter post.

When the purchase data of your customers are synchronized your recipient automatically receive tags for product categories, product attributes and product manufacturers. The tags are attached based on the  product categories for the main and last category. 

Example: A man has bought a pair of football shoes in your store: Men -> Shoes -> Football. They would consequently get the following tags attached in CleverReach: 

Shopware-Category.Men, Shopware-Category.Football

Use the tags for targeted segmentation. This way you send recipients content they're really interested in. You could send the guy from our example the latest offers on football socks or other accessories via email automation.  

Which Segments are automatically created in my recipient list?

During the plugin installation segments are automatically created with the special tags.

  • Screenshot

When creating your email, select e.g. the segment containing your newsletter subscribers and send them your first newsletter. 

When and how often does a synchronization between Shopware and CleverReach take place? 

The integration checks whether there have been any changes (e.g. new subscribers or order details) every 5 seconds in the background and starts the synchronization process. If the amount of data is large, it may take some time.The plugin works everything through piece by piece. 

As described above, our plugin is a completely bi-directional plugin (Shopware-Plugin <-> CleverReach). Bi-directional means: data are synchronized in both directions. 

If the address changes in the CleverReach data set this is also transferred to Shopware.  

Navigate to your [Dashboard] in the CleverReach plugin overview in Shopware 6 Cloud to find out the date and time of the last synchronization. 

  • Screenshot 

Plugin Installation

There are two ways of installing the plugin and adding it to your Shopware 6 Cloud shop:

  1. Adding the extension via the Shopware Marketplace
  2. Manual upload of the plugin as a .zip file

1. Adding the extension via the Shopware Marketplace 

Once you are logged into your Shopware account, open the Shopware Store for extensions and search for "CleverReach":

  • Screenshot

Click on the plugin and hit [Install]:

  •  Screenshot

Now click on [Activate]:

  • Screenshot

You can now see the plugin in your Shopware account by navigating to [Marketing] – [CleverReach] and you can get started right away:

  • Screenshot

2. Manual upload of the plugin as a .zip file

You can get our Shopware 6 Cloud plugin from our service team or download it in the Shopware store. Open the Shopware store, search for the extension and download it:

  • Screenshot

Upload the plugin in your Shopware account at [Extensions > My Extensions].

  • Screenshot

Click on [Upload Extension] to add the plugin: 

  • Screenshot

When the upload is completed, the plugin is in a list of extensions and you can install and activate it. 

  • Screenshot

You can now see the plugin by navigating to [Marketing] – [CleverReach] and you can get started with your email marketing: 

  • Screenshot

Please note: This option is not available in cloud-based instances. 

Further Information


The plugin is available in English, German and Italian. 

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact our service team at any time.