Newsletter Editor: Create Your Email with the Template Generator

You want to create a newsletter with the design of your website or blog with just a few clicks? Then take a stab at our Template Generator in our Newsletter Editor.

This helpcenter post is all about what our Template Generator is and how it works, The simple options you have when designing your newsletter and where to get further help and support

What is the Template Generator? How Does it Work? 

Our Template Generator transfers the design (e.g. text color, logo) of a website to a newsletter with just one click. 

The Generator only needs the URL or link of the page you want to transfer the design for your newsletter from. Hit "Go!“ - and the newsletter template appears in your design. 

You don't need any programming skills. Creating a newsletter matching your brand and design has never been easier. 

Create Email with the Template Generator in the Newsletter Editor

Start by logging into your CleverReach account. In case you don't have an account yet, click here and create a free account. 

If you're a new customer, you'll directly end up with the Template Generator by hitting [Create Email] on your CleverReach dashboard. 

If you have already worked with CleverReach, click on[Emails] and hit the top right [Create New Email] button to create a new newsletter. 

There are two options: 

  • Create a [Simple Newsletter] or
  • an [Automation Email].

To create a unique HTML email, click on [Simple Newsletter].


Now define the [Campaign Settings] (e. g. recipient list selection, subject, preheader, sender) for your email.

Click on [Save & Continue] when having entered all the settings. 

After that, select the template for your newsletter. Choose between 

  • one of our templates,
  • uploading your own templates or 
  • generate your email templates with our Template-Generator:


Click on [Generate Template] to open the Template Generator.

Enter the URL or link (e.g. of your website or blog) you want our tool to get the design for your newsletter from. 


Hit [Go!] to generate your template:


There are now several options to quickly and easily generate a newsletter with your design. 

Please note: A preview of your template is always displayed on the right. You can take a look at your design at any time. 

Start by selecting your logo. You can see a bunch of logos our email marketing tool has found on the page you have provided. Alternatively, you can upload a different logo: 


The next step is to define the background color of your email. We'll also show you a range of colors we have found on your website at this point. Alternatively, select a color via the [+] icon. 


Now select the color for your copy text. In case you want to use a different color than our suggestions, navigate to [+] to choose a different color. 


Last but not least: the link color. We have also generated a link color from the color scheme of your website, but you can change it if you like:


Done! You have successfully generated your newsletter template!

Click on the down right orange [Save Template & Continue] button to insert text, images etc in your email: 


When you're done editing your email, click on the top right [Continue] button.


You now see the [Checklist] before sending out your newsletter. Take a look at the preview of your email, define a send out time or send yourself a test version: 


When having set up and checked everything, click on the down right [Send] button to save your email for sending. 

Please note: You can find your generated template when navigating to the menu item [Templates]. It is now ready to be used for any email you like. 

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our service team at any time.