Newsletter Editor: What is a Snippet? How Do I Create and Use A Snippet in My Email Newsletter?

Create snippets and insert them in your email with our Newsletter Editor. But what are snippets? We'll explain that in this helpcenter post and describe how to create snippets in our Newsletter Editor, where to find them, how to insert them in your email and where to get help if you need it.

What is a Snippet?

A snippet is sort of a copy of an element from your newsletter that you can reuse and insert in as many of your email newsletters as you like. 

This saves you quite an amount of time and effort, as you only have to create the element once and can use it over and over again. 

How Do I Create a Snippet in the Newsletter Editor? 

Click on [Emails] in your CleverReach account, open your email in our Newsletter Editor or create a new email. 

When you're editing your newsletter, our editor shows two tabs on the right: [Elements] and [Design].

Add an element to your newsletter, for example a text element or an image element. 

By the way: If you're using a CleverReach newsletter template, there are already some elements in your email and you don't necessarily have to add new ones. 


Adjust the design of the element as you like it to save it as a snippet.



When you're done editing and designing your element and want to save it as a snippet, move your mouse over the element. An orange frame appears: 


The orange frame offers you lots of options to edit your element. To save your element as a snippet, click on the three dots icon. 

You can now choose between [Snippet] and [HTML Source code]. Click on [Snippet]:


Enter the name of your snippet in the screen that pops up: 


Now click [OK] to save your snippet. 

Your snippet is now all done and saved! :-) 

Where Do I Find My Created Snippets?

As mentioned above, the Newsletter Editor offers two tabs on the right - [Elements] and [Design].

When scrolling down the [Elements] tab, you end up at the [Snippets] section.

Expand the area by clicking on the arrow and you will find all your created snippets there:


How Do I Insert My Snippet in a Newsletter? 

To insert your snippet in your email newsletter, click on the snippet and drag and drop it to the perfect spot in your newsletter:



Your snippet is now inserted.

Please note: You can delete snippets you no longer need. Simply click on the little Trash icon right next to the snippet. 

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further support, please contact our service team at any time.