Newsletter Editor: Insert Dynamic Elements & RSS Feeds via Element in Your Newsletters


Our Newsletter Editor allows you to insert and send RSS feeds and dynamic elements in your newsletter.  Use these options to regularly inform your recipients with an email containing your latest offers and news. 

This helpcenter post explains what RSS feeds and dynamic content are in email marketing, how you can use them for sending your newsletters and insert them in your email and where to get further help. 

What is an RSS Feed? What is a Dynamic Element in a Newsletter? 

RSS is short for "Really Simple Syndication“.

An RSS feed is a simple way of keeping your readers and customers posted. If your website offers an RSS feed, your subscriber will receive an update as soon as you publish a new post, and they can either see a summary or view the entire post. A post can also come in shape of a special offer, blog post, tweets or news ticker. 

A element is called "dynamic element“,  if the content of the element only starts loading when a recipient opens your newsletter. 

This makes an inserted RSS feed in your email a "dynamic element“.

The [Layouts] element in our Newsletter Editor easily lets you insert dynamic content in your email. 

Inserting RSS Feeds and Dynamic Elements in Your Newsletter

Log into your CleverReach account, click on [Emails] and open your email in our Newsletter Editor or create a new email. 

When editing your newsletter, you can see two tabs on the right – [Elements] and [Design].

The [Elements] tab offers several standard elements, for example the [Layouts] element.


The [Layouts] element offers various options to fill your element with content. Use the element to insert 

  • image and text
  • two images
  • two texts
  • two images and two texts 
  • three texts and three images 

in your newsletter. 


To insert the element in your newsletter, click on the [Layouts] element and select your preferred layout. 

  • Either drag and drop the element into your newsletter 
  • or click on the element, go to the spot in your email where you want to place it and click once again. 

Done! You have successfully inserted the element in your newsletter. 

Please note: You change the layout at any time, by moving your mouse to the element and clicking on the top left orange layout button: 


On the right side, you can see the design features of the element. 


In the next step, click on the down right button showing the little wand [Insert Dynamic Content].


A screen pops up to enter your RSS feed or link: 


When hitting [Search] your content appears and you can select the right (blog) post etc.: 


Click on the post you want to insert and hit [OK] to make the content appear in the element in your newsletter:


Done! :-)

You can now continue editing your newsletter. By clicking on the top right orange [Continue] button, you'll end up in the final [Campaign Checklist] and send your newsletter. 

Please note: You can also use your own dynamic elements for your newsletter. Take a look at this helpcenter post and find out how to do it. 

Help & Support

You can find more info on RSS feeds and dynamic elements on our website. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our service team at any time.