Newsletter Editor: Inserting Emojis in Your Subject Line & Preheader ✏️

The subject line of a newsletter is essential in email marketing. The first thing your newsletter recipient reads is the subject. This first impression often decides whether they open your email or directly throw it in the junk folder.  

Icons or emojis get the attention of your readers.😊  Using emojis in your subject line or preheader increases the chances that they open your newsletter, which has a positive effect on your open rates.

Simply add emojis to your subject and preheader with just one click in our newsletter editor.

Create your email in the newsletter editor and proceed to the [Campaign Settings].

Start by selecting the recipient list or segment you want to send your email to. Enter the [Subject] in the next step.

Click on the happy emoji on the right, at the spot where you want to insert the emoji. Click through the collection of emojis you can insert:


Select your emoji and your subject line immediately becomes a real eye-catcher.  

You can do the same in your preheader. Click on the happy emoji for a collection of available emojis to insert in your preheader.


Please note

Please consider the following things when using emojis in your emails:

  1. Not every email client displays emojis properly. Especially prior outlook versions are known to not always show emojis correctly. We recommend doing a final test delivery before sending out your email and take a look at it in different email clients and systems.
  2. Emojis may affect the deliverability of your newsletter. Some email programs consider emojis in subject lines spam. Carry out a final design and spam test to make sure your newsletter is good to go.
  3. Always think of the meanings an emoji can have, e.g. in different cultures. Everyone is interpreting emojis a little differently. We recommend googling for all meanings an emoji can express, to make sure you’re not sending out wrong messages to your subscribers.
  4. What’s the target group of your newsletter? If you’re addressing elderly people or business partners, give the emojis in your email a second thought.

Take a look at our PUSHIII post and find out how to phrase a brilliant subject line.  

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact our service team at any time.