ePages Plugin - Features & Installation

ePages is a cloud-based shop software, which offers your powerful eCommerce solutions.

We have developed a plugin that allows you to connect ePages with CleverReach in the blink of an eye.

 Plugin Features:

  • Automated import of your ePages shop data into the CleverReach® App
  • Promote your products directly in your newsletter
  • Automated creation of a signup form called „ePages“ which you can integrate in your shop

Installation Manual:

  1. Log into your ePages Now account.
  2. Click on "Go to Shop Administration"


  1. Click on "Apps" in the left menu bar.


  1. In the App Store, you can filter for the category "Marketing & Sales"


  1. Click on "CleverReach - Email Marketing"


  1. Find the "Install App" button in the top right corner.


  1. Please confirm the access authorizations. 
  1. Now you can create a new CleverReach account or log into your account with your CleverReach access details. 


  1. After signing up, you receive your CleverReach access details via email.
  2. The integration automatically creates a recipient list called “ePages“ in CleverReach. Additionally, a form called “epages“ will be created in your CleverReach “forms” section.
  3. The newsletter form is automatically linked to the newsletter signup on your website.

All new newsletter subscribers are collected legally compliant with Double-Opt-In and are automatically transferred to the "ePages" recipient list.




And now – get started and enjoy!