Forms in WordPress - Gutenberg Editor

A form of CleverReach can be added to your Wordpress page via the Gutenberg Editor tool when you use our Wordpress plugin (

Since Wordpress 5, instead of a classic editor, the new Gutenberg editor is introduced by Wordpress. To use this editor, under the Posts, you need to click on a post that the user wants to edit. Afterwards the Gutenberg editor will be opened. To add a new Gutenberg block please be so kind and click on the “+” icon.


From the select menu, click on the CleverReach category.


Under the CleverReach category please be so kind and click on the "Subscription Form" block.


The new Gutenberg block will be added to a page, where you can select one CleverReach form from your dropdown list.


By choosing one CleverReach form, the form content will appear in the editor and on your Wordpress page.


The selected form can be changed in the Form Settings sidebar on the right side.

Also, the selected form can be modified on the CleverReach by clicking on ‘Edit in CleverReach’ link.

Under "Advanced" in the sidebar menu, additional CSS classes can be added to the CleverReach form. Please be so kind and note that CSS classes with an invalid name will not be added to the selected form.


Like in the classic editor, after clicking on update and preview, the selected form will appear on your Wordpress page:



Now the form is on your Wordpress page.