Send follow-up newsletters to non-openers

You want to send another email to recipients who haven’t opened your last one?

Simply go to your [Reports] and open the report of your last mail.

Click on [Activities] – [Not opened]

Now, go to [Action] and choose [Create segment].

You may now send a newsletter to exactly this segment.

You want to send your existing mailing once again or want to edit this newsletter beforehand?

Click again on [Reports], and go to the little button with the arrow right beside the reporting of your newsletter. Select [Save as draft]. Now, you can choose your non-opener segment as your target group.

In your [emails] you can now find the draft of this newsletter. You can send this to your segment that only consists of recipients who haven’t yet seen the content of your newsletter.

Unfortunately you cannot use the function at this point when you do not have a chargeable account. Here you can find more information about our prices.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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