Forms in WordPress with CleverReach plugin

First of all you need to install our plugin for Wordpress. When you search for our plugin in the plugin store of Wordpress you need to install the following plugin:


In the next step please be so kind and install and activate the plugin. You will then have a new section for "CleverReach" in the left menu bar. There, you can create a new CleverReach account or connect WordPress with an existing CleverReach account, both is possible.

During the initial synchronization, a standard form will be created, which has the same name as the automatically created recipient list. Both will be automatically created when you are installing the plugin.

After a successful initial synchronization a modified dashboard screen will be shown:


By clicking on the “Signup-Forms”’ element, your CleverReach forms bound for the specific integration list will be listed.


You can also create a new form when you have a paid account at CleverReach. Did you know that our plugin gives you a 10% discount on all our rates for the first 12 months? Use it now.

To create a new form  you can click in CleverReach on "Forms" and click on “Add form”.

Please be so kind and choose a form name and select your WordPress integration list.You can add for example a reCaptcha to the form to prevent spammers from entering your form.

It is very important that you save the form so that it will be shown in WordPress as soon as possible.


After some seconds, the new created form will appear in the form’s list on the plugin dashboard page.


Underneath the form, a link will be displayed "Edit in CleverReach". By clicking on this link, the page for editing selected form will be opened in the new tab.


On the new page you can edit the form. At this point it is very important that you also save the form so that the changes will be shown.

The form can be shown e. g. on the frontend through shortcodes. By clicking on the copy button, a shortcode will be copied in the clipboard.


A copied shortcode can be pasted in the classic editor. Under the Posts you can click on a post that you would like to edit. Then the classic editor will be opened.


In the editor you just have to paste the copied shortcode. Afterwards you should click on the update button. To check how the form looks on the frontend, please be so kind and click on the preview button.


Your form will appear on the page:


The created form will be automatically adapt to your Wordpress CI:


Have fun with our plugin! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.