Newsletter Editor: How Do I Set an Anchor in My Email?

Our email marketing tool allows you to set anchors in your newsletter.

What do you need anchors in emails for? When clicking on the anchor in your email your recipient can jump to the part in your email they’re interested in. For example, if you have an agenda in your email you can link the headlines via anchor and your recipients can jump to their favorite part with just one click.

Here’s how to insert anchors in our newsletter editor:

Go to the spot in your email you want your recipient to “jump“ to.

Click on the anchor icon in the toolbar and assign a label:


In the next step, highlight the trigger word and click on the chain icon in the toolbar at the top:


Now select the label you have added in the previous steps.


Congratulations! You have placed an anchor in your newsletter and your recipient can get to their favorite part in your email with just one click.


Note: Please note that not all mobile clients can work with this feature.

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