Newsletter Editor: How can I set my recipients to receive different content in the newsletter? (Block Personalization)

You can personalize the content of your email in our drag & drop editor and newsletter editor. This means you can define who of your recipients sees which element when opening and reading your newsletter. This allows you to show recipients only what they are interested in.  

Example: Men get ads showing cars, women get ads showing jewelry.

Click on the eye-symbol to define the settings.  

The eye-symbol appears in our newsletter editor when hovering over an element in your email. An orange frame appears. In our newsletter editor it looks like this:


When clicking on the eye-symbol, the [Display Settings] appear on the right:


You can now select who should see which element.  

Start by selecting the data field with a criterion. It’s essential that the recipients details are available in the data field, as the system needs to filter for it.

In the next step you specify the condition for which the element should be displayed. You can for example filter by "available" (field is filled), "not available" (field is empty), "not the same as" (everything except what you type, and "greater than" and "less than") for dates and numbers:


In the next field, you then enter what should apply.

You are done! :-)

An element filtered in this way is displayed only to the recipients who also meet the corresponding criterion. 

Help & Support

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