WooCommerce Plugin – Features & Installation

We developed a plugin that allows you to establish a connection between your WooCommerce shop and our email marketing tool CleverReach quickly and easily.  

In this post we explain the features of the plugin and how to set it up and install it in just a few steps.


Automatic Creation of Recipient Lists in CleverReach

When installing the CleverReach for WooCommerce plugin, an entire recipient list including data fields, segments and tags is automatically created in CleverReach. All your contacts are clearly listed with automatically created filters (e. g. a segment of your newsletter subscribers is created automatically) and you can get started quickly with sending your first newsletter.

Which Recipients Are Transferred?

Decide which contacts you want to transfer from WooCommerce to CleverReach before the initial import – newsletter subscribers, buyers or other contacts. You can also select all of your contacts. 

It’s essential that you collect all your recipient data in accordance with the GDPR. For more details on the GDPR click here. The selected datasets are transferred to the CleverReach recipient list “WooCommerce“ as active recipients and get so-called “special tags“ attached.  

You can synchronize three types of recipients with CleverReach:

Newsletter recipients -> Subscribers

All people who have subscribed to your newsletter.

Purchasing customers -> Buyers

All people who have purchased something from your shop. This also includes guest buyers.

(Other) Contacts

All people who have neither subscribed to your newsletter nor purchased anything from your shop. Basically, all other people in your database.Bildschirmfoto_2021-05-17_um_12.57.45.png

Click here for detailed information on special tags. Edit your selection in the plugin or synchronize further contacts at any time.

Which Data Are Transferred?

  • Newsletter subscriptions and unsubscribes
  • Recipients are added with their newsletter status “yes“ or “no“
  • First and last name, gender, age, date of birth, contact details…
  • Purchased products, revenue, order number, product name, price, currency, quantity…
  • Product details of your WooCommerce items, such as images, text, price, sizes, materials…

Which Tags Are Automatically Attached to My Recipients?

When your recipient list is created, tags are automatically attached to your recipients.

Tags about product categories, attributes & manufacturers and the last order date are attached to your recipient. The tags you created in WooCommerce are also attached to your recipients.



WooCommerce: shop system 

Special: special tags

Newsletter Subscriber: tag for a newsletter subscriber

Which Data Fields Are Added to My Recipient?

The following details are automatically added to the recipient’s dataset as data fields in CleverReach:

  • First name, last name, street, ZIP code, city, state, country, business, shop, etc.

The following order/purchase details are also created as data fields:

  • Last Order Date
    • Example: A customer purchased their last item from your shop a month ago. You could filter by that characteristic and create a “We miss you“ newsletter containing a coupon code for their next purchase.
  • Number of Orders
    • Example: Use the data field "Number of Orders" to filter by the number of orders a customer has placed. This allows you to specifically contact customers via newsletter who have placed more than 50 orders.
  • Total Expenses of All Orders
    • Example: The field "Total Expenses of All Orders" allows you to contact e.g. customers who have spent more than 1,000 euros in your WooCommerce shop.

Which Segments Are Automatically Created in My Recipient List?

Segments are created automatically, e.g. with special tags. This means you automatically have a segment for each special tag which you can use for your newsletter.


How and How Often Does A Synchronization Between WooCommerce and CleverReach take place?

There is a regular real-time synchronization of new recipients and customers including order details. Data are synchronized in both directions. If contact details change in the dataset in CleverReach, this is also transferred to WooCommerce.  

Unsubscribes in CleverReach are also transferred to WooCommerce and customers in WooCommerce are set to "Email Status = inactive". The recipient no longer receives your emails.

Navigate to your dashboard in WooCommerce to find out the time and date of the last synchronization.

Other Features

Tag-based Email Creation Process in CleverReach

The tag-based email creation process is also available in our plugin. This means that you can use the special tags to select one of the automatically created special tags directly in the email creation process to send your newsletter. You no longer have to create a segment but can start quickly and easily to send your first newsletter.


Using Double-In Opt in the Checkout with a CleverReach Form – Plugin Settings

In the plugin settings you can set up Double Opt in for the checkout area of several pages of your WooCommerce shop.

When activating the checkbox it is added to the following pages:  

  • WooCommerce Registration page
  • WooCommerce Checkout page
  • WooCommerce Account settings page
  • WordPress Registrationpage
  • WordPress Admin User Edit page

When having activated the Double-Opt-In feature in the plugin, the form selected as default form will be sent as a confirmation.

You can individually change the text for your newsletter checkbox.


The following error message might pop up during the activation process: Double Opt-in cannot be activated as your CleverReach account hasn’t been verified yet. Please contact our service team.

This error message that you have not yet completed your account data in CleverReach. Navigate to [My Account – Settings – My Data] to complete your data.

After that, the error message should no longer appear. If it still appears, please contact our support (support@cleverreach.com). Many thanks in advance.

Using the CleverReach® ConnectLink Extension

When a customer completes a purchase, the plugin sends the order details back to your CleverReach® Report. This way you can evaluate the turnover generated through your emails.

Product Search in the Newsletter Editor via Item Number or Product Title


There are three ways to install our CleverReach® Plugin for WooCommerce:

Uploading the Plugin as a .zip File in WordPress

You can get our CleverReach plugin for WooCommerce as a .zip file from our service team. Contact our team via this form or simply write an email to support@cleverreach.com.When you have received the file, please go through the following steps:

Step 1: Log into your WordPress account.

Step 2: If the WordPress installation is a multisite, navigate to [Network Admin]. Click on [Plugins] in the left navigation bar and select [Add new].

If the WordPress installation is a single site, simply go to the left navigation bar, click on [Plugins] and select [Add new].


Step 3: Click on [Upload Plugin].


Step 4: Click on [Select File] to select the .zip file for the plugin and continue with [Install now].


Step 5: Now click on [Activate].


Step 6: After having activated the plugin, you can find the CleverReach® plugin in the [WooCommerce] section in the main menu on the left in your WordPress account:


Installation Directly Via the WordPress Marketplace

If you don’t have the plugin as a .zip file, you can directly download and install it from the WordPress marketplace.

Step 1: Log into your WordPress account.

Step 2: If the WordPress installation is a multisite, navigate to [Network Admin]. Click on [Plugins] in the left navigation bar and select [Add new].

If the WordPress installation is a single site, simply go to the left navigation bar, click on [Plugins] and select [Add new].


Step 3: Enter "cleverreach" in the search bar of the WordPress marketplace. A list of plugins opens, including our CleverReach® plugin for WooCommerce:


Step 4: Click on [Install now] to install the plugin. The installation is completed after just a few seconds.


Step 5: Click on [Activate] to activate the plugin.


Step 6: After having activated the plugin, you can find the CleverReach® plugin in the [WooCommerce] section in the main menu on the left in your WordPress account.


Manual Installation

Step 1: Copy the plugin source code folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder of your WordPress instance.

Step 2: The plugin should now be available in the [Plugins] area. Click on [Activate] to activate the plugin.


Step 3: After having activated the plugin, you can find the CleverReach® plugin in the [WooCommerce] section in the main menu on the left in your WordPress account.


Updating the Plugin

Updating the CleverReach® plugin for WooCommerce is incredibly easy and fast. Simply go through the steps described above. Before updating the plugin we recommend deactivating the plugin temporarily.

Please note

Migration from v2 users (old plugin version) to v3:

Due to the new plugin version there is a changeover from Rest API v2 to Rest API v3. If you are an existing CleverReach user using the WooCommerce integration, you will be easily migrated to the new version without the need to sign up again. Within the migration process, all WooCommerce customers who have activated the newsletter (Accepts marketing = true) are automatically transferred to CleverReach as active recipients. Other recipient lists (buyers or other contacts) are neither synchronized nor deleted in CleverReach. You can manage and activate the synchronization of contacts or buying customers at any time under the "Settings" tab.


Our plugin is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our service team at any time.