Newsletter Editor: View/ Edit Preview and Send Test Email

Before actually sending out your newsletter to your recipients you would like to see the final preview on desktop and mobile devices? No problem! In the newsletter editor you get the chance to preview your mailing as a desktop and mobile version and you can send yourself a test email. This way you can check everything once again before sending your newsletter and make final changes if necessary.

View Preview

You automatically see the desktop version of your email. At the top right of the newsletter editor you can find the button [Preview]. When clicking on the button you have the following options:  


By clicking on [Mobile], you can take a look at the mobile preview of your email:


You can click in the preview and directly make the changes you want. If you want to switch back to the desktop version of your newsletter, simply click on [Preview] and then [Desktop].

By clicking on [Preview] - [Preview] a pop up with the desktop and mobile version of your newsletter appears:


At this stage you cannot edit your newsletter.  

When clicking on the top right [X], the pop up closes and you can continue editing your email in the editor.

Send Test Email

We recommend sending a test email before sending out the actual final version of your newsletter to your recipients. The test delivery allows you to check the personalization tags and links you have placed in your newsletter. You can also check how your email is displayed in different email clients (e. g. GMAIL,, AOL).

Please note: When doing a test delivery, personalization tags are filled with random data from your selected recipient list.

To send a test email to your inbox click on [Preview] – [Send test Email]:


A pop up with user(s) of your account appears:


Please note that you can only add and select one user in our Lite Plan. As soon as you upgrade your account to a paid plan you can add further users and email addresses for your test delivery.

By the way: Before sending the final version of your newsletter to your recipients you can go through the campaign checklist and get the chance to send a test email once again.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our service team at any time.