Newsletter Editor: Customize and Design Standard Elements

The advantage of our standard elements is that you can easily customize them. You can find out exactly how this works and what design options you have, along with many other functions, in this article:

In our newsletter editor, you will find our standard elements in the toolbar on the right, which you can insert into your mailing:

Inserting standard elements

When you open a mailing, the elements tab is open on the right-hand side by default.

For example, click on the text element and then on the place in your newsletter where you want to insert the element.

You can also click on elements, hold them with the mouse and drag them to the desired position in the newsletter (drag & drop).

Customize standard elements using the example of text elements

If you have inserted an element and move the mouse over the element, an orange frame appears. To edit the element, click on the orange brush symbol:

A toolbar opens on the right with many different setting options for the display of the element.

You can select a background color, adjust the frame color and change the inner spacing explicitly for this element.

If you click on the element, you can adjust the text properties of a text element as in any conventional editor:

For other element types, such as images or buttons, there are other properties that you can customize, such as the image size or the background of an action.

When you have finished making your adjustments, click Continue in the top right-hand corner and save your mailing.

If you have programming skills, you can also adapt the source code of an element. To do this, click on the three dots > HTML source code on the right.

The source code of the element opens.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our service team. They’ll be there for you.