Newsletter Editor: Insert Links

You want a specific page to open when a newsletter recipient clicks on a certain word or image in your email? That’s incredibly easy to implement – simply insert links in your images and links in our newsletter editor.

Inserting Links in Texts (Word or Sentence)

If you want to place a link behind a word or sentence, start by clicking in the text element in your email and mark the area or the word you want to link to a webpage:


A toolbar pops up above the element. Click on the two chains icon.

Enter the link or URL your readers should be redirected to when clicking on the word or sentence in the pop up:


By the way, by clicking on the window with the arrow on the right, you can select a file from your CleverReach image storage database that will be opened when a recipient clicks on the link.

In addition, you have the option to enter one or more tags that should be automatically attached to the recipient when they click on the link. Your advantage: You can filter your recipient list by the recipients who have the tag pinned and target them via newsletter.


You can also customize the text that is displayed to your readers and assign a title for your link.

In the last step, determine whether the link should open in the current window or in a new one:


Click on [Save] to save your work.

Placing a Link Behind an Image or Chart

You can also place a link behind an image or chart. Click on the image and a toolbar pops up. Navigate to [Content] for further setting options for your image:


In the [Action] section, you can specify the URL that should open when someone clicks on your image.

You can also add tags to your images that get attached to recipients as soon as they click on a link, plus you can enter a title for your link.


Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact our service team at any time.