Newsletter Editor: Selecting or Adding Unsubscribe Forms

An unsubscribe form must be included with every email dispatch so that a newsletter recipient can unsubscribe from the newsletter if they wish. You can create your own subscribe and unsubscribe form for each recipient list under Forms. This is how it works:

In the newsletter editor, you can select the unsubscribe form you have created for the mailing or add a new unsubscribe form:

  1. Log in to your CleverReach account and create a new newsletter or open an existing mailing.

  2. The campaign settings are located in step 1 of the creation process. There you can switch from the simple to the advanced view.

  3. You can select your unsubscribe form under Campaign details by clicking on the tab under Unsubscribe form:

  4. You can add a new unsubscribe form using the Add new button:

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