Newsletter Editor: Inserting Images and Charts

Images and charts are essential elements in your emails. Even if they don’t directly affect email opens, they are still crucial to arouse the interest of your newsletter recipients and draw their attention to your content.

There are several options of adding an image or chart to your email with our newsletter editor:

  • via Drag & Drop
  • by clicking on the image element
  • via upload in the CleverReach image database

Via Drag & Drop

Start by adding an image element to your newsletter:


Next, click on the image file in your folder that you want to add to your newsletter. Drag the image into your newsletter and drop it in the image element:


Done! You have inserted your image in your newsletter.

Tip: If you want to move your image to another spot in the newsletter, simply drag and drop it with the help of the orange bar around the image element.

Via Click on the Predesigned Image Element

In our templates you can find a toolbar on the right that contains predesigned elements you can drag and drop in your email:


Click on it and drag and drop it to the right spot in your email.


In the next step, click on your image element once again. Further setting options pop up on the right.


By clicking on the image preview in the right toolbar, the CleverReach image database opens.  


You can either select an image from your CleverReach database or add a new one. To add a new image, click on the orange [Upload image] button.

Via Upload in the CleverReach Image Database

You cannot only find your created email, templates and elements in the [Emails] tab in your CleverReach account, but also the images you have uploaded to CleverReach:


The orange [Upload image] button allows you to add a new image to your CleverReach account and insert it in your newsletter.

Please note

  • Image upload is free of charge up to a maximum total size of 5 MB. When using one of our paid plans, you’ll get an upgrade to 1024 MB.
  • Please note that an image may have a size of 487 KB at the max.
  • As a user of CleverReach, you agree not to upload any images that are pornographic, illegal, racist, infringe any valid copyright or otherwise violate German law.
  • Please note that the image management only works with up-to-date browser versions, it doesn’t work e.g. in the Internet Explorer.
  • If you replace an image, always use a new file name, because the images in the image management are stored in the image cache of the cloud.
  • If you delete images from the image management, they are no longer available in emails and online version. You should only delete images if you no longer need them (e.g. in old emails).
  • It’s not possible to embed images in your newsletter.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our service team at any time.