Newsletter Editor: Personalizing the Subject Line

Choosing the right subject line is essential in email marketing. After all, your subject is the first thing your newsletter subscribers see. If you’re already speaking to them directly in your subject line, they are more likely to open and read your newsletter.  Our newsletter editor allows you to easily personalize the subject line of your email, address your customers personally and generate even more open by adding emojis.

Navigate to [Emails], test our newsletter editor and create your newsletter. The next step are the campaign settings:


Enter your [Subject].

Besides: you can find a happy emoji right next to the subject and the preheader. When clicking on that emoji you can see a variety of emojis – select one and insert it with just one click:


Click on [Personalize] at the spot where you want to insert the personalization.  There are several variables you can add to your subject line - [Email, Globale Placeholders and Datum]:


[Email] sets the variable for the email address of your newsletter recipient.

[Global Placeholders] are the intergroup data fields of your recipient lists. We recommend including the first and/or last name in your subject line. Enter, e.g., their last name in combination with the salutation. In the preview, your variables are filled with random data from your recipient list. Find more details on personalization in our help center post.

[Datum] defines the variable for the date. Choose between the complete date or a short date.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact our service team at any time.