Newsletter Editor: How to Change the Font Type, Color and Size

It’s incredibly easy to change the font type, color or size of your email in our newsletter editor:

Changing the font type:

When creating or editing your email you can change the font type of your newsletter. Open your newsletter and then navigate to [Design] in the right toolbar. Several setting options for your newsletter appear on the screen. When you click on [Body] you can adjust or preset important display options for your newsletter.

Navigate to [Font] to select a font type for your email:


You can also change the font of your email in the source code. Click on [Editor] and [Source code] to switch to the source code editor.


Changing the font color:

Click in your text element to change the font color of an element, sentence or word. A toolbar pops up automatically above the element.


Highlight the text, word or sentence you want to change the color of.


Now click on the little arrow next to the A. A selection of colors appears. When clicking on the bottom right palette, you’ll get to the Color Picker to set up your individual font color.


Now your text has the right color.

Changing the font size:  

To adjust the font size of your newsletter, open your newsletter. A toolbar appears on the right containing a [Design] tab. The [Design] tab offers you several layout settings for your email that you can change and adjust as you like.  


The switch [Font size] allows you to adjust the font size of your email. The size automatically changes for the entire email.


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