Why Recipients Can’t Unsubscribe from Transactional Emails

We all know transactional emails and have them in our inboxes from time to time. Transactional emails include:

  • Order confirmations
  • Reservation confirmations
  • Shipping and delivery confirmations
  • Order delivery status
  • Registration, login and logout confirmations
  • Account creation and account status changes
  • Notifications about comments on social networks
  • Password requirements and password changes

Transactional email contain necessary details. Order confirmations gives recipients details on their purchase, delivery confirmations notify recipients when their order is on its way. These are relevant and essential details your recipients need and expect after making a purchase in your shop.

Transmitting these details is legally required which is why you don’t need your recipient’s permission to send them transactional email. You also don’t need an unsubscribe link in these emails as they are part of a transaction that don’t contain ads and are a one-time thing.

However, as soon as a transactional email contains advertising content, you need the recipient’s permission (opt-in) to send them these emails, as well as an unsubscribe link. In this context, everything that directly or indirectly serves to promote sales is interpreted as advertising.

If you would like to include and send promotional text in your transactional emails, we recommend that you contact your legal advisor in this regard and make sure of this in advance.

Transactional emails have great potential. Since a customer waits for the first transaction mail when placing an order and also waits for the next transaction mails (e.g. delivery confirmation, invoice), they open the emails in any case.

You can also send transactional emails via our email marketing tool. The advantage? You have an all-in-one solution - CleverReach.

By sending via our servers, we take care of all the administrative things, bounces, high deliverability, reporting (opens and clicks) and a very high open rate, as the emails are triggered event-based. You can find out how to send transactional mails via our email marketing tool here.

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