Newsletter Editor: Create New HTML Email

Quickly and easily create and send your own emails with our newsletter editor. This post guides you through the email creation process step by step - we’ll show you how to create your newsletter, explain the different settings options, how and which template you can choose, how to design your email and do the final check before actually sending your newsletter.

Create New Email

The first step is to click in your CleverReach Account on [E-Mails] and on [Test new newsletter editor] or [Create New Email] - [Test new newsletter editor]. Take a look at the [Campaign Settings] for your newsletter:


Adjust the general settings of your newsletter. Then select the recipients you want to contact with your email. Either select an entire recipient list, a segment or several recipient lists.


Now come up with a subject line for your newsletter. We recommend going for a personalized and intriguing subject line. After all, the subject line is the first thing your recipients see. It often decides whether recipients open your newsletter or put it in their junk folders. Check out this post to find ideas for a good and successful subject line.


In addition, you can enter a preheader for your mailing. The preheader is displayed after the subject of the newsletter. You can find more info in this article.


In the next step, enter the sender name and sender address (this is the email address a recipient sees in their inbox).


By the way: You can change the campaign settings at any time before sending the final version of your email.

There are also advanced setting options for your newsletter. If you’re already happy with the basic settings, click on [Save & Continue] and scroll down to read through the next steps.

Advanced Campaign Settings 

The button [Settings: basic] in the top right corner allows you to view and define advanced settings.

The advanced settings are campaign details, tracking options and further settings:

Campaign Details

Enter the internal campaign name in the campaign details that only you can see. That makes it easier to find your newsletter in your [Email] overview.

Also, you can assign your mailing to a category. Click here to find out about our categories and how to use them.

If you want to use a specific unsubscribe form for your newsletter, you can determine this in the advanced settings.


We have automatically integrated an unsubscribe option in our CleverReach templates. The default unsubscribe is always a Single-Opt-Out via email link. This means a recipient is immediately unsubscribed when clicking on the unsubscribe link in your emails without having to confirm it separately.


The tracking options let you determine whether you want to monitor opens and clicks, assign tags and enter a tracking URL. Also use external providers for Reporting and Tracking. Enter a Google Analytics URL for your tracking or work with the Connect Link Extension.


Further Settings

Navigate to the additional settings and decide whether you need an online version for your campaign and if you want to add your campaign to the archive:


When you’re done with all settings, click on [Save & Continue].

You can edit and adjust the advanced settings at any time before sending the final version of your newsletter.

Select Template

Now it’s time to select the template for your newsletter. Choose between your own templates, previous emails, basic templates, design and seasonal templates:


Via the top right button you can also upload your own template [Upload Template]. Upload your own template via drag & drop or import it via URL import.


When having imported or selected your template or one of our templates, they open in the newsletter editor:


Design Newsletter

There are several ways to edit your email in our newsletter editor and customize the design to match your Corporate identity.  

We have inserted some elements in our basic templates that you can easily adjust and edit. Click on an element to add our content (e. g. text, image):


Change the font color of your element, bold the text or write it in italics, add a link, center the text or align it left or right.

Add a new element by clicking on the element in the right toolbar and drag it into your newsletter. Click on it and drag and drop it in your email.  

Delete an element by clicking on the element and the garbage can button:


Click on [Design] in the right toolbar and define the alignments, font size and color and line height for your email.


You can also adjust the link color, define the display and text decor (no text, underlined, overlined or crossed out).

While you’re editing you newsletter, it’s important that you click on the [Save] button once in a while:


By the way, on the top right you can send yourself a test email and preview and edit your newsletter - both the desktop and the mobile version:


When you’re done editing, click on [Continue] in the top right corner.

Campaign Checklist

You’re almost there! :-) The last step is your campaign checklist.  

The checklist helps you to check all the essential settings once again and edit them if necessary, e.g. the recipient list who should receive your email, your subject line and the sender:


Additionally, you can do a test delivery and check your newsletter before finally sending it to your recipients.

[Schedule] your email after having checked everything successfully. Define a date and a time for sending your newsletter:


The last but one step is to check that you have read and accept our General terms & conditions and anti-spam guidelines. You also confirm that you have placed an unsubscribe link and legal notice in your newsletter.  

By clicking on [Send] your newsletter is sent out or scheduled for the defined time and date. Great job! You have created your campaign! 

By the way, if you create or edit an email automation in CleverReach, you can also use the Newsletter Editor for mailing creation.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our service team at any time.