Newsletter Editor: How Do I Adjust My Images (e.g. Size) In My Emails?

It’s incredibly easy to adjust the image size in our newsletter editor. Insert an image or chart e.g. via drag and drop. Browse this post for more info and help.

After having inserted the image, click on the image once again. The click automatically changes the toolbar on the right and you can see the setting options for your image:


Use the slider to change the size of the image. When moving it to the left, the image gets smaller. When moving it to the right it gets bigger.

You can enter your preferred number of pixels. Your image is adjusted to the number of pixels you have entered.  

You can also set the [Alignment] of the image and enter an [Alternative Text].

The alternative text is displayed when a recipient can’t see the actual image. This text is more important than you might think at first. If you don’t fill out the text field or it contains terms like e. g. sale or discount the receiving server could instantly throw it in the junk folder or don’t deliver it at all. That’s why it is essential that you enter a good and matching alt text for the images in your newsletters.

Enter further [Actions] below the image settings:  

  1. You can add a link. When a recipient clicks on the image, the link is opened automatically.
  2. Enter tags you want to assign when the email gets opened.
  3. Give your link a title.


You can define the alignment of your image in the [Design] tab:


Another way to adjust the image size: Click on your inserted image. A small button appears in the down right corner:


When clicking on this button, a slider appears at the top that allows you to change the size of your image. The number of pixels also appears down right, you can also edit that number:


Tip: To give you a little help, we show the perfect image size in our predesigned elements. Simply insert your image in an element and it is automatically added in the optimal size.  

Help & Support

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