Newsletter Editor: Meaning of Buttons in the Orange Elements Frame

Our newsletter editor offers you various elements to e.g. add images or text elements to your emails.

When moving your mouse to an element in our new newsletter editor an orange frame containing various buttons appears. The buttons allow you to edit and copy your element.

The buttons hold the following editing options for you:


The button at the top right center (1) helps you move your element all across the newsletter. Click on the button, and drag and drop the element wherever you want it to be in your email.

The button with two arrows right next to it (2) allows you to view and edit the source code of the element.


Determine the container styles with the brush button (3):


The next symbol – the eye symbol (4) – allows you to determine who should see this element in your newsletter. Filter your recipients by all fields you have created and filled in your recipient list. You can, for example, filter by gender, if you have added these details to your recipient list. Show women for example topics like fashion and jewelry, and men topics like cars and sports.


Copy your element by clicking on the symbol showing two sheets of paper (5):


Last but not least: the trash can button (6). By clicking on the trash icon, you delete the element.

Help & Support

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