Newsletter Editor: Edit Your legal notice (imprint)

Reading time: 1 min

A correct imprint with your contact details or company information is essential for every mailing. In our article Adapting and adding the legal notice, we explain how to create imprints.

You can customize and edit the legal notice for your mailing in our newsletter editor:

  1. Open a mailing in your CleverReach account under Emails and click on your imprint at the bottom:

  2. A toolbar opens automatically on the right with the following setting options:

  3. Under Choose Imprint, you can select an imprint that you have previously created.
    The style changes the display of the imprint. You can display it either as a block or as a single line.

If you click again in the legal notice, you can adjust the text of the legal notice (e.g. add, change or delete something).

Note: The change is only applied to the respective mailing and does not overwrite the imprint template in your account settings.

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