Shopware 6 App - Sending Automated Abandoned Cart Emails

We developed an app for connecting your Shopware 6 shop and our email marketing tool CleverReach in a flash. Our plugin holds lots of helpful and practical features to take your email marketing to the next level. One very useful feature is the Abandoned Cart feature.

What does that mean? Your customer is browsing your Shopware Shop, puts an item in their shopping cart and suddenly leaves the shop. They can have several reasons for leaving the page – perhaps they got an urgent call or were unsure about completing their purchase.

Use our CleverReach app to send an automated abandoned cart reminder to your customers.

This post gives you general details on the feature, and you’ll get to know how to set it up in the plugin, how your customers can sign up for your newsletter in the purchase process and what reporting options you have.

Before You Start

Your customers must have explicitly consented to receiving your emails in compliance with the GDPR. We answer the most important questions on the GDPR here. If you’re unsure whether you’ve done everything right, please contact your privacy officer.

To use the feature, install and activate our CleverReach app for Shopware 6. After the successful installation, our plugin appears in the [Marketing] tab in your Shopware account. Click on [CleverReach] to open our plugin dashboard:


Setting Up the Abandoned Cart Feature in the CleverReach App for Shopware 6

You can find the [Abandoned Cart] tab for sending abandoned cart emails on your CleverReach Plugin Dashboard in your Shopware 6 account:


The dashboard shows a list of all your storefront sales channels with details on the current status of abandoned cart emails:


If you click on the respective store name, you will get to the setting options for the shopping cart abandoned cart emails. Here you can activate [Abandoned cart] emails for the selected store:


First [Activate] the shopping cart abandonment feature and [Save] the settings via the blue button on the top right. In the next step, [Activate] the THEA automation. A new tab opens automatically with the automation already created for you in CleverReach:


To select and edit the newsletter to be automatically sent to the shopping cart abandoners, click on the small pencil at the green envelope module:


You can now create a new e-mail for yourself or select our prefabricated newsletter.

The following variables are already present in the template prefabricated for you, which are automatically filled with the respective data (e.g. item name, item ID, description) when sending the shopping cart abandoner email:

Shop Variables:


{AC_URL} – Shopping Cart URL

{AC_TOTAL} – Total Cart Amount


{AC_STORELOGO} – Shop Logo

{AC_CURRENCY} – Shopping Cart Currency

{AC_CARTITEMS} – Items in the Cart with the following details:


Item Variables:


{ID} – Item ID

{SKU} – Stock Keeping Unit

{NAME} – Item Name

{DESCRIPTION} – Item Description

{AMOUNT} – Item Quantity

{IMAGE} – Item Image

{SINGLEPRICE} – Unit Price




Tailor the newsletter to the needs of your recipients with just a few clicks. When you’re done editing, save your work. The window closes after saving.

Please note that your shop items won’t be displayed in the preview:


When the newsletter is sent out the variables are automatically filled with data.

When you are done selecting and editing, save your settings. 

Your automation for your shopping cart abandoners is already ready!

On the top right you can set the automation chain from [inactive] to [active] via the slider and activate it. The activation is automatically transferred to your Shopware 6 account:


Once you have successfully activated the shopping cart abandonment feature, your customer will automatically be reminded of the full shopping cart.

Your newsletter will be sent out when:

  • The scheduled time frame since your recipient has left their shopping cart has passed.
  • The recipient is active in CleverReach and part of your Shopware recipient list you have activated for the abandoned cart workflow
  • The total amount of the shopping cart is higher than 0
  • The shop is activated and not in maintenance mode

If you no longer want the newsletter to be sent automatically to shopping cart abandoners, you can set the automation in Shopware [Deactivate] and in CleverReach likewise to [Inactive] at any time.

The plugin dashboard also lets you determine how much time has to pass until the abandoned cart email is sent out:

  • after 1 hour
  • after 3 hours
  • after 10 hours (recommended)
  • after 24 hours

You can edit and save the time frame under [Timing Settings] in the plugin at any time.


The button [Edit Email] directly leads you to the email editor in CleverReach to edit and customize the email you want to send to your customers at any time:


When the automation is active, you can activate or deactivate the checkbox [Double-Opt-In] Email for Checkout Newsletter and select the form to be used for the double opt-in:


Newsletter Subscription During Order Process

Under the [Send Settings] you can [Edit in recipient settings]:


If you have activated [Abandoned Cart Emails] for your shop, users can subscribe to your newsletter during the order process:


THEA Report Data for Monitoring Your Success:

The THEA report allows you to monitor the success of your abandoned cart campaigns. You can evaluate the following CleverReach standard figures: delivered emails, opens, unopened emails, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces.

The Connect Link Extension additionally allows you to evaluate purchases generated through your newsletters with CleverReach. You can track the following data:

  • Generated Orders
  • Generated Revenue
  • Order Rate

Alternatively you can use the Google Analytics Integration to evaluate purchases and other figures.

Please Note

  • Your customers must have explicitly consented to receiving your emails in compliance with the GDPR. If you’re unsure whether you’ve done everything right, please contact your privacy officer.
  • The email is sent out automatically:
    • The predefined time frame after a recipient left their shopping cart has passed
    • The recipient is active in CleverReach and part of your Shopware 6 recipient list
    • The total amount of the abandoned cart is higher than 0.
    • The shop is neither deactivated nor in maintenance mode.
  • If the CleverReach Double-Opt-In feature is activated for the shop, the CleverReach Double-Opt-In email is sent out automatically. Otherwise, a new subscriber is created in CleverReach and Shopware 6.
  • Set up the abandoned cart feature individually for each Shopware shop.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our service team at any time.