Automatically send newsletter with new post (e.g. blog post)

You regularly upload new posts for your readers on your blog to draw their attention to the latest trends or you have a news page posting the latest news and updates. What if your recipient automatically received a newsletter as soon as you have published a new post? That doesn’t only save you a lot of manual effort but also a lot of time. Your newsletter subscribers immediately receive an automated email, click on your post and end up on your website. All this is incredibly easy with our CleverReach email marketing tool.

In our first version of the new API Starter, use via REST API is possible and programming knowledge is required for this. Furthermore, the activation for the use of this function takes place via our support. Feel free to contact them directly via this contact form or write an email to Thank you very much!

Find further instructions for the implementation via REST API down in this post or in our OAuth and REST API documentation.

Our developers are already working on implementing this feature in our CleverReach plugin for e.g. WordPress so you can also use the feature that way. As soon as it’s ready, we’ll get back to you.

Creating the API Starter Automation with the THEA Automation Tool

Go to your account and navigate to [Automation THEA] to create a new workflow via the [Add Workflow] button:


You can choose between a single-track workflow and the multi-level automation workflow. Click on [Multi-Level Workflow] and select the [Blank Template]:


Start by selecting the orange API Starter module. The starter ID is generated automatically when you drag the module to the blank canvas:



When you click on the API launcher, the following appears:

The starter ID is automatically generated as soon as you have saved the automation chain.


In the next step, you click on the green module with the people on it to select the recipient list or segment you want to send your automated email to:


The green envelope module represents the newsletter you want to send out. You can either [Select existing email] or [Create New Email]. You can create a new email with our Newsletter Editor, for example:




Switch the workflow to [active] at the top right of the screen and the email is automatically send out to your recipients when you publish a new post on your blog or website.

In case you no longer want the email to be sent out, you can switch it back to [inactive] at any time.

API call of our REST API for the API Starter (Programming skills required)

You need an OAuth app to use the REST API call. You can find information and help on the REST API in your account under [My Account - Extras - REST API] and in this document.

The authorisation for the function is activated for your OAuth app via our customer service. Please feel free to contact our customer service directly via this form or by email to

The REST API Call for the API Starter is:


You’ll receive a notification if the call was successful:


Common Errors

You get the following notification in case the starter ID is incorrect:


If the workflow is inactive or the trigger is not connected, the error notification looks like this:


Please note

  • Currently, the trigger can be controlled via REST API, programming skills are required for the implementation.
  • To use the function, you need an oAuth app. Our service team will be happy to activate the function for you as soon as possible. You can contact our service team directly here or send an email to
  • The feature will also be available in plugins (e. g. CleverReach Plugin for WordPress) soon.  

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our service team at any time.