Magento 2 Extension – Automatically Contact Abandoned Cart Customers via Email Automation

We developed an extension for the connection between our email marketing tool CleverReach and your Magento 2 shop that allows you to get quickly and easily started with sending newsletters.

Our Magento 2 extension has many helpful and practical features. Read this post to find out about the features it has and how to install the extension.

One very useful feature is the Abandoned Cart feature. What does that mean? Your customer is browsing your Magento shop, puts an item in their shopping cart and suddenly leaves the shop. This can have several reasons (e. g. they were interrupted before completing their purchase, the customer is unsure about the product). Simply remind them on their filled shopping cart and encourage them to complete their purchase with our extension and automated emails.

This post gives you general details on sending abandoned cart emails with Magento, plus you’ll find out how to create and evaluate and automated email with our CleverReach Extension for your Magento 2 shop and your checkout:

General Info on Sending Abandoned Cart Emails with the Multi Store System Magento 2

Magento 2 offer support for several websites and shops. Different websites have separate shopping carts, shipping and payment methods, currencies, etc.. Our extension allows you to set up the abandoned cart feature for each of your stores. Send an individual abandoned cart newsletter for each of your shops.  

In Magento 2, customers can browse the shop and put items in their shopping cart without having to log in or sign up. The „Abandoned Cart“ feature works for signed up customers as well as guest buyers.

If a customer, however, didn’t enter their email address and leaves their shopping cart, no email will be sent out. The customer only receives an abandoned cart email when they are a newsletter subscriber. Your customers must have explicitly consented to receiving your emails in compliance with the GDPR. If you’re unsure whether you’ve done everything right, please contact your legal counsel or privacy officer.

Setting Up the Abandoned Cart Features in the CleverReach Plugin

To use the feature, our CleverReach plugin for Magento 2 must be installed and activated. When it has been installed successfully, you can find the extension in the Magento tool bar on the left.


Click on our CleverReach extension and navigate to [Abandoned Cart] to start and configure the feature:


You can activate or deactivate the function for each store:


Set both the [Abandoned cart functions] and [THEA Automation] sliders of the respective store from [Disabled] to [Enabled]:


If you change the slider for [THEA Automation], a new tab will automatically open with the shopping cart abandonment automation in CleverReach. At the top right there is a slider that you change from [disabled] to [enabled] to activate the automation:


On this page, by the green envelope icon, you can edit and customise the newsletter that is automatically sent to cart abandoners. You can also edit the mailing via the [Edit email] button in the CleverReach Plugin Dashboard in your Magento 2 store:


Your Abandoned Cart Automation will open automatically in CleverReach:


The email template in CleverReach already contains the following variables that are automatically filled when your abandoned cart email is sent out (e.g. item name, item ID, description):

Shop Variables:


{AC_URL} – Shopping Cart URL

{AC_TOTAL} – Total Cart Amount


{AC_STORELOGO} – Your Shop Logo

{AC_CURRENCY} – Cart Currency

{AC_CARTITEMS} – Items in the shopping cart with the following details:


Item Variables:


{ID} – Item ID

{SKU} – Stock keeping unit

{NAME} – Item name

{DESCRIPTION} – Item description

{AMOUNT} – Item amount

{IMAGE} – Item image

{SINGLEPRICE} – Unit price




Adapt the newsletter to the needs of your customers with just a few clicks. When you’re done editing, [Save] your work. The window closes after saving.

Please note that your items will not yet be displayed in the preview of your newsletter:


The added variables are filled with details when the newsletter is triggered and sent.

As soon as you have activated the abandoned cart feature in Magento, you can determine when to send out your newsletter after a customer has abandoned their shopping cart. Choose between:

  • After 1 hour
  • After 3 hours
  • After 10 hours (recommended)
  • After 24 hours

If you no longer want to automatically send abandoned cart newsletters, you can deactivate the newsletter in Magento. You can also do that in your CleverReach account by navigating to [Automation THEA].

The total shopping cart amount has to be higher than 0 to trigger the newsletter. Each time you activate the abandoned cart feature for a store, all other abandoned cart features are deactivated.

Newsletter checkbox for guest customers

If “abandoned cart emails” are activated for a store, during checkout process, customer will be able to subscribe to the newsletter:


If CleverReach double opt-in feature is activated for the store, CleverReach double opt-in email will be sent. Otherwise, new subscribers will be created on CleverReach and in Magento 2.

THEA Reporting Data in CleverReach for Monitoring Your Success:

The THEA Report allows you to monitor the success of your abandoned cart campaigns. The following CleverReach standard figures are collected: delivered emails, opens, unopened emails, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes.

You can also use the Connect Link Extension to evaluate purchases. The following data are collected:

  • Generated Orders
  • Generated Revenue
  • Order Frequency

You can also use the Google Analytics Integration to evaluate purchases and other figures.

Please note

  • To send an automated newsletter to your customers you need their permission in compliance with the GDPR. If you are unsure whether you’ve done everything right, contact your privacy officer.
  • The email is sent out to recipients when:
    • Our CleverReach Extension for Magento 2 is installed and activated.
    • Your determined time frame since your recipient has abandoned their cart has passed. Your recipient is an active newsletter subscriber and is part of the Magento recipient list
    • The total amount of the shopping cart is higher than 0.
    • The shop is not in maintenance mode. The shop is not deactivated.
  • Each time you activate the abandoned cart feature for a store, all other abandoned cart features are deactivated.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact our service team at any time