Shopware 6 App – Features & Installation

We have developed an plugin to establish a connection quickly and easily between our email marketing tool and your Shopware 6 account. During the installation and first synchronization, a recipient list with your customers is created, which allows you to create and send your first newsletter with just a few clicks.

In this post we describe the features of our plugin as well as the options for installing it. Discover the features and benefits our free plugin for Shopware 6 holds for you:

Automatic Creation of a Recipient List Including Data Fields, Segments and Tags

When installing the plugin, a recipient list with data fields, segments and tags is created automatically. This way you have all your contacts in one structured list with automatically created filters (e.g. a segment with newsletter subscribers) and you can start sending your first newsletter right away.

Which recipients are being transferred?

Before the first import you can select who you want to transfer from Shopware to CleverReach – newsletter subscribers, buyers or other contacts. You can also select and transfer all your contacts.

It’s important that you have collected your recipient data in a GDPR-compliant way before the synchronization. Find more details on the GDPR here. If you are unsure about this, we would advise you to contact your legal counsel.

There are three kinds of recipient you can synchronize with CleverReach:


All people who have subscribed to your newsletter.


All people who have purchased something in your shop. This also includes guest buyers.

(Other) contacts

All people who have neither subscribed to your newsletter nor purchased anything. Basically, all other people from your database.

Your selected datasets are added to the Shopware recipient list as active recipient during the first synchronization in CleverReach and get so-called „special tags“ attached to them. They show which type of recipients they belong to (subscriber, buyer or other contact). You can select the tags during the email creation process and directly send a newsletter to the right recipients.

You can find detailed instructions here. Change the settings in the plugin at a later point if you like, e.g. for selecting more contacts you want to synchronize.


What kinds of data will be transferred?

  • Newsletter subscriptions and unsubscribes
    • Recipients have the newsletter status „yes“ or „no“
  • First name, last name, gender, age, date of birth, address details…
  • Purchased products, revenue, order number, product number, product name, price, currency, quantity…
  • Product details of your Shopware items such as image, text, price, size, material…

Go to the plugin dashboard to set how old you want transferred purchase data to be. Purchase data from the past 365 days are transferred by default. Navigate to the plugin [Settings] and select a different time frame and start the synchronization process to transfer data to CleverReach.


Which data fields are created automatically in my shopware recipient list?

The following recipient details are created as data fields in CleverReach:

  • First name, last name, street, ZIP code, city, state, country, company, shop, etc.
  • Last Order Date
    • You can see the last order date of your recipient to remind them on their purchase and send them new offers, completely automated via THEA automation workflow.
  • Number of Orders
    • Via the data field "Number of Orders" you can filter by the number of order a customer has placed to write targeted emails to people who have placed more than 50 orders.
  • Total Expenses of All Orders
    • The field „total expenses of order“ allows you to contact e.g. customers who have spent more than 1,000 euro in your shop.

Which Tags are automatically attached to my recipients?

When creating the recipient list, tags are automatically attached to your recipients, such as product categories, product attributes or product manufacturers.

For example, this is an automatically pinned tag from a Special Tag -> "Newsletter Subscriber":


Another Example: A customer bought a black pair of adidas shoes from the category “shoes” – As a result the recipients get the following tags: Shopware 6-Category.Shoes // Shopware 6-Color.Black // Shopware 6-Manufacturer.Adidas 

Use these tags for a more targeted segmentation and to send your recipients content they are interested in. A customer who buys a pair of black adidas shoes, might also be interested in other adidas items (e.g. black shirts or socks).

Which segments are automatically created in my recipient list?

Segments for special tags are created automatically. Thus, you automatically have a segment for each special tag that you can directly select for sending your newsletter.


How and how often does a synchronization between Shopware and CleverReach take place?

Our integration works bi-directionally (Shopware-Plugin <-> CleverReach). That means: your data are synchronized between both systems both directions. When an address is updated in the datasets in CleverReach, this is automatically transferred to Shopware and vice versa.  

Example: If the recipient is added or updated in CleverReach or subscribes to or unsubscribes from your newsletter, the changes are forwarded to Shopware. The transfer and update of data also takes place the other way round.

There’s a regular live synchronization of all recipients and customers including order details.

Additional Features

Automatic Creation of a Signup Form for your Shopware Recipient List  

When you install the plugin, a signup form is created automatically in your CleverReach account, which you can easily integrate in your Shopware store. New subscribers automatically end up in your Shopify recipient list in a GDPR-compliant way.


You can create as many forms as you like in CleverReach and add them to your Shopware 6 store. Simply copy your existing form or create a new one and link it to your Shopware recipient list and insert it in your shop. That’s how your contacts directly enter your recipient list in compliance with GDPR and can be contacted via newsletter.

Create and send automatically Abandoned Cart Emails with our app

In the CleverReach Plugin Dashboard in Shopware, you can set under the tab [Abandoned cart] that if a customer has left their filled shopping cart and has not completed the purchase, they will automatically be reminded of this by email:


More information and instructions for this function can be found in this Helpcenter article.

Tag-based email creation process available in CleverReach

The special tags allow you to select special tags directly in the email creation process and send your newsletter.


Product search

Search for products and easily drag & drop them from your Shopware shop to your CleverReach newsletter.

Connect Link Extension

The CleverReach® Shopware integration uses the CleverReach Connect link extension. If a customer makes a purchase, the integration sends the order details back to your CleverReach® Report. This way you can monitor sales generated through your mailings.

 Plugin Installation

You have to options to download and install our Shopware 6 plugin:

Option 1 - Installation via the Shopware Store

Option 2 - Installation with a ZIP file


Option 1 – App Installation via the Shopware Store

Step 1: Navigate to [Settings / System] and click on the [Plugins] icon.


Step 2: Navigate to the app section and click on [Shopware Store]. You are directly forwarded to the Shopware store.


Step 3: Type “cleverreach” in the search bar of the Shopware store. You can find the CleverReach plugin in the list of apps.


 Step 4: Add the CleverReach app to your shopping cart.


Step 5: Select your shop and license domain on the checkout page and click on [Send order]. Our plugin is and remains free of charge, of course.


Step 6: Navigate to your shop backend and go to the tab [Licenses] (Purchases) on the page with your Shopware plugins.


Step 7: The CleverReach app is listed on this page. Please click on [Download]


Step 8: The CleverReach plugin is listed on the [My plugins] page. Now follow steps 4-6 of the second installation option (upload via ZIP file).

Option 2 – Installation via ZIP file

Step 1: If you have a plugin ZIP file, please navigate to [Settings - System] and click on the [Plugins] button.


Step 2: In the next step, click on [Upload Plugin] and select the ZIP file. You can obtain the file from our Service Team:


Step 3: The CleverReach plugin now appears in your list:


Step 4:To install the CleverReach app please click on [...] and afterwards on [Install]


Step 5: After completing the installation, activate the app by changing the slider from [Deactivated] to [Activated]


Step 6: The CleverReach app now appears in the menu in your sidebar under [Marketing].


You can now start the plugin installation, create a new CleverReach account or log in with your CleverReach account data:


After just a few seconds, the installation is already complete, our plugin dashboard appears automatically with all the important information and you can get started with your email marketing:


Enjoy using our plugin for Shopware 6!


Disconnect the app:

You easily disconnect the plugin in the plugin dashboard in Shopware:



The app is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Migration of v2 users to v3:

Existing CleverReach users using the Shopware integration are easily migrated to the new version without the need to sign up again.

Within the migration process, all Shopware customers who have activated the newsletter (Newsletter marketing = true) will automatically be transferred to CleverReach as active recipients. Other recipient groups (buying customers or contacts) are neither synchronized nor deleted in CleverReach. You can activate the synchronization of contacts or purchasing customers under the tab "Sync Settings" at any time after the migration.


If you are not sure whether you have collected your data in compliance with the GDPR, we recommend contacting your legal counsel.

Support & Help

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our service team at any time.