Magento 2 Extension – Inserting Double-Opt-In Forms & Using the Function

We have developed a plugin that allows you to easily connect your Magento 2 store with our CleverReach tool in just a few steps. The plugin includes many useful and valuable features, for example, you can add double opt-in signup forms to your Magento store.

To use this feature, first install our free CleverReach plugin for Magento. After the first initial synchronization, you will find our plugin in your Magento dashboard.

In the dashboard of the CleverReach plugin in Magento, you have a tab called [Forms]. There you will find an overview with the created forms for your Magento recipient list.

During the initial synchronization, the plugin automatically creates a new form for your Magento recipient list


You can edit the form in CleverReach or you can also add another form if you want to.

Inserting forms on your Magento page:

There are several options to add your CleverReach form in your Magento store:

  1. Paste form code directly to some page/block
  2. Add form using the button on a rich text editor
  3. Add form as a widget
  4. Add as a custom variable

1. Paste form code directly to some page/block

On the [Forms] page of the plugin, you have the option of copying the form code for each CleverReach form and pasting it into any shop page/block. To do this, click on the [Copy] button for the respective form:


2. Add form using the button on a rich text editor

Magento 2 has TinyMCE editor embedded and available for use in different places inside your Magento CMS. By extending this editor, a separate CleverReach Add Form button can be added to the TinyMCE toolbar.

When you click the button, a panel is displayed with all existing CleverReach forms, so you can select one of your forms. By selecting the form, its code will be added to the content on your selected place. The inserted form can easily be removed from the content by deleting it from the editor.


3. & 4. Add form as a widget and as a custom variable

In Magento 2 you can add Widgets to any page or block. For adding CleverReach forms as content, you need to create a custom widget. The widget contains all available forms, and you can select the one you like best.


Using CleverReach DOI forms on your Magento store

You have the option of using our CleverReach forms for newsletter sign-ups directly in your Magento store. You can activate this function in the CleverReach plugin under [Forms] by setting the slider from [Disabled] to [Enabled] under Double Opt-In:


When you have several Magento stores you can activate this feature for every store.

If Double-opt-in is activated in the CleverReach plugin, the Magento double opt-in feature will be deactivated. This means that no Magento emails regarding DOI will be sent to your newsletter subscribers.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need our support, feel free to contact our service team at any time.