Creating Surveys in CleverReach (BETA Version)

Easily create, manage and evaluate NPS and „Yes or no“ surveys for your customers in our tool. You can create your survey in just a few steps and integrate it on your website.

The feature is still a BETA version, which means that our programmers are currently still optimizing it for you. If anything comes up or you want to give us feedback, please report this to our service team at any time.

This post will give you an overview of what an NPS survey actually is, how to create and edit an NPS or "Yes or no" survey in your CleverReach account, how you embed the NPS survey on your website, and how to evaluate your survey in your CleverReach account.

What are NPS surveys?

NPS is short for Net Promoter Score. NPS surveys allow you to find out and evaluate the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers with just one question.

One of the most common questions of NPS surveys is “How satisfied are you with our business?“. Respondents can express their level of satisfaction on a scale from 0 (highly unlikely) to 10 (very likely).

The scale is divided into the following three categories:

0–6 = Detractors – dissatisfied customers, who would possibly also publish their opinion

7–8 = Passives – customers who are neutral towards your business

9–10 = Promoters – satisfied customers who’d recommend your business to others

To calculate the score, the percentage of detractors is subtracted from the percentage of promoters. The difference results in the Net Promoter Score - NPS. This can lie between plus 100 and minus 100.

How do I create a survey in CleverReach?

Log into your account and navigate to the menu item [Surveys]. Create a new survey by hitting the orange [Add] button.  


A pop up appears and you’ll get to decide whether you want to create an NPS survey or a “Yes or No“ survey:


When you have selected the format, name the survey as you like to always find your survey in your list of surveys:


Click on [Continue] and determine the content of your survey (e. g. the survey title, your question). The survey preview on the right immediately shows the latest changes:


When you’re done with that, click on [Continue] and enter a follow-up question and the answer your customers should see after submitting their feedback:


Now click on [Continue] once again to enter the URL of the website your survey should be displayed on and to get the code snippet for inserting it on your page:  


Now you have created your survey. You can now either save and start the survey or simply save it as a draft first. The created survey is now in the list of [Surveys] in your account:


When clicking on the arrow on the right of your survey, you can view the report, or copy, start and delete your survey.

To determine who has already answered the survey on your site, we store a cookie called "cr-nps-PollID". PollID is an example for the ID of your created survey. The cookie is stored for 6 months and expires automatically. Please check and amend the cookie policy of your website if necessary.


How can I edit my created survey?

You can change or adjust your survey at any time by clicking on the small pen icon right next to your survey. A pop up with the details of your survey appears:


Here you can alter the details, take a look at the survey preview, and pause or start your survey. When saving your changes, they are automatically transferred in the background and become visible in your survey at once.  

How do I embed the survey on my website?

In the last step of creating your survey, you are asked to enter the URL for the website you want to display your survey on, and you get the code snippet for this website. Insert the code snippet on your website.

In case you don’t have the code snippet of a survey, go to the overview page of your survey and click on the top right [Copy Script] button to copy the script of your survey and insert it on your page.


The code snippet from the survey creation is there to have a connection from your external site to us, so that we can control the survey. This is automatically stored in the script. The script is always the same.

If you are not responsible for your website, but a programmer is, send them the URL and the code snippet or script so that they can add the survey to your site.

We cannot embed the survey for you on your website because we are not allowed to log into third party systems. Thank you for your understanding.

Which evaluation options do I have?

There are two ways of having a look at the report of your survey.

  1. Click on the right arrow next to your survey to open the [Report].
  2. The report for your survey opens automatically when clicking on the title of your survey in the overview:


You can view the keywords and answers that your customers sent when answering the survey on the two other tabs:

Please note:

  • The feature is currently still a BETA version. Please contact our service team if any errors occur. Thank you!
  • We store a cookie called "cr-nps-PollID" to determine who has already answered the survey. The PollID is an example for the ID of your created survey. The cookie is stored for 6 months and expires automatically. Check and amend your website's cookie policy if necessary.
  • You need the code snippet or script to insert the survey on your page. If necessary, forward this to your programmer or IT staff. Unfortunately, we can't log into third-party systems and embed the survey. Thanks for your understanding.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our service team at any time.