Integration Microsoft Dynamics 365 of datom GmbH

IT specialists at datom GmbH have developed an integration to quickly and easily connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 with CleverReachTransfer your customers to CleverReach with just a few clicks, and send them automated newsletters on your latest updates, events and offers.


  • Your campaigns, campaign activities and marketing lists are transferred (dynamic and static) and created as recipient lists in CleverReach)
  • Transfer of your contacts, companies and leads
  • Transferable fields: first and last name, salutation, email address, company
  • Data field details are synchronized and updated automatically
  • send personalized and targeted email newsletters
  • whenever there are changes of leads, contacts, accounts, campaigns, campaign activities or marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamics, they are automatically updated in CleverReach
  • mailing category is checked per dataset for consent and the synchronized in compliance with the GDPR (e.g. Newsletter, Event, Security Information etc.)  
  • Configure categories in CRM as you like
  • Newsletter unsubscribes are synchronized as well
  • Bounces are automatically deactivated in your Microsoft Dynamics account
  • Synchronization logs are created in Microsoft Dynamics


The Connector is only available in the cloud and not in the on-premise version. Start by configuring the CleverReach REST API for OAuth. There are several Plugins that run on the entities "Marketing List", "Campaign" and "Campaign Activity". For this the "datom_CleverReachInterface" solution and the "datom_config" solution must be imported and configured.

The configuration takes place in the Settings → Extension via the datom•Configuration.

Once everything is configured, you only need to activate the "SDK message processing steps datom.Crm.CleverReach.Plugin”. Click here for more details.

Help & Support

If you have any questions concerning CleverReach, feel free to contact our service team at any time.  If you have specific questions about the plugin or if you need help with the installation, please feel free to contact the service team of datom GmbH.