How will my Double-Opt-In form be responsive?

In CleverReach, you can design your existing signup form responsively. Responsive means that the form automatically adapts to the size of your end device. No matter whether your customer or you open a form on the tablet, smartphone or monitor, the form is always optimally adapted to the respective size.

Newly created forms for sending your newsletters are automatically responsive. If you are using an "old" CleverReach form and have integrated it on your site, you can design the form quickly and easily make it responsive.

To do so, go to [Forms] in your account and click on the form you want to be responsive. There you can [Select Design] under the tab [Design]:


If you click [New Design] on the left, a drop-down menu opens, and you can select the [Responsives Design]:


The selection is automatically saved after only a few seconds:


In order for the changes to be visible on your form page as well, you need to update the source code of the form on your page. You can find the updated source code of the form under [Source Code / Distribution – Subscribe] or [Unsubscribe] if you are using an unsubscribe form.

Important notes:

  • We only provide the source code for the forms, but we cannot provide support for the integration on your website, because too many factors play a role and we cannot log into third party systems.
  • New forms, which you have created in your CleverReach account since mid-February 2021, are automatically responsive.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact our service team at any time.