What Is an RSS Feed?

Our CleverReach email marketing tool allows you to send RSS feeds quickly and easily to your customers with email automation to keep them posted on the latest posts on your website. But what exactly is an RSS feed and how do you create one?

This post explains what RSS means, who should use it and how, how to create an RSS feed, which benefits sending automated emails with CleverReach holds for your and how it works.

What Does RSS Mean and What is an RSS Feed?

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is based on XML can be used and offered on any platform. Your users can subscribe to your feeds.


By subscribing to an RSS feed you’ll automatically receive updates, when there is updated or new content on a website (e.g. blog, news page, podcast). The new posts can be displayed in the email program, browser or in a special feed reader.

Who Should Use RSS Feeds and How Can I Use It for My Email Marketing?

Everyone who has a website, shop or blog can and should use RSS feeds. By using RSS feeds, your subscribers and customers are always up-to-date with your latest posts and updates (e.g. blog posts, news).

Use RSS feeds to inform your readers or customers on the latest news, blog posts and other things - completely automated via newsletter. This way you will always be in contact with your customers and you will be able to inform them automatically about the news on your website.

How Do I Create an RSS Feed?

There are several plugins and programs that help you set up an RSS feed. For many content management systems, such as Joomla or WordPress, there are already suitable plugins that also help you with the setup.

You can also create the RSS feed yourself. A huge advantage for that option is that you can do all changes by yourself.

And that’s how to create your own RSS feed:

  1. In the first step, create a text element and add these tags:

Row 1: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> This information indicates that you are using the Western European character set of XML version 1.0.

Row 2: <rss version="0.91"> This opens the root tag of your feed.

Row 3: <channel> This opens the channel of your feed.

  1. Fill your channels with details in the next step:

Row 4: <title> This describes the title of your RSS feed.

Row 5: <link> Embed the link for the corresponding website.

Row 6: <description> This tag describes your channel.

Row 7: <image> The image-tag allows you to insert a header image for your RSS feed.

  1. Share your news in the channel:

Row 8: <item> The item tag opens a new short article in the XML document. You can use the title, pubDate, description, and link tags to provide information about the title, date, description, and link of the article.

  1. Complete your RSS feed:

The last line of your RSS feed is: "</channel></rss>".

This closes the tags and notes, that this is an RSS feed.

What Are the Benefits of Sending Automated RSS Feed Updates with CleverReach?

Creating a THEA automation workflow in CleverReach is not only simple but also fast.  

We have created a pre-designed automation workflow for sending automated RSS feed updates. You only have to select it in your account and change the settings (e.g. which recipients you want to contact) according to your needs. The only thing left to do is activating your automation workflow.

On top of that, we have also prepared an email template for you, which you can easily adapt to your layout in just a few steps. This doesn’t only simplify creating the automation workflow but also the creating process of your email.

When creating newsletters, we recommend using tracking for reporting and personalization to address your recipients personally. This makes it more likely that your recipients open your emails.  

By sending automated newsletters with CleverReach, you save a lot of time and send your content in a more targeted way at the same time when publishing your latest post. This allows you to automatically inform your readers, buyers, and so others about your latest posts and news without having to create a newsletter every time there’s something new on your website. Your new post goes online, and your customers automatically get an automated newsletter at the same time and visit your website. This increases the traffic on your website.

Send Automated RSS Feed Updates with CleverReach

We have prepared a pre-designed automation workflow in your CleverReach account for you. Select the workflow by navigating to [Automation THEA] - [Create New Workflow] – [Multi-level Workflow][RSS-Feed].


Now all you have to do is determine a time frame, recipient list, the RSS URL and the email you want to send, and your automation is ready to go.

We have created an instructions guide for you that explains all the steps for creating the automation workflow with RSS feeds in CleverReach and send them to your recipients. Click here for further instructions.

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