Shopware 5 Plugin - Inserting forms

With our Shopware 5 plugin, you can integrate CleverReach forms into your Shopware store and generate GDPR compliant new newsletter subscriptions for your e-mail marketing.

To insert a CleverReach® form into your Shopware page, you need to copy the form snippet and manually insert it to page code.

You must navigate to the Forms section within the CleverReach plugin in one of these two ways:

1st option: Open the Shopware plugin and navigate to the plugin page, go to the Forms tab and choose the form you wish to insert in the left panel.


2nd option. Click on the CleverReach icon on the shop page in Shopware.


In the right text area, you will see a HTML code snippet that should be inserted into the page you wish to insert your form. Click on the Copy button and copy the code.


In the next step, go to the shop pages and open up the page you want to insert your CleverReach® form into for editing.


You will see a standard text editor, which you can edit normally. It is also possible to edit the code itself and add custom HTML elements to it.

In the editor, click on the button with tags (“<>”) to open the page code.


You can now see the HTML code of all elements within this page. Now all you have to do is paste the section you copied before at the desired position within the code and update the changes. For example, if you want the registration form to appear at the bottom of the page, you must paste the code below.


After saving the shop page you can go back to your Shopware page. Now you will see the CleverReach® form on your page.


The form is already inserted and you can collect new GDPR compliant newsletter subscriptions.

Insert more forms in Shopware

You can create additional forms in CleverReach and add them to your shopware pages, so that you can attract new newsletter subscribers on all your shop pages.

In CleverReach, you can initially copy your existing shopware form. Open the form overview via the menu item Forms in our tool. In the form overview, you can copy the form via the selection menu on the right.

As a second option, you can create a new form in the menu item Forms by clicking the button in the upper right corner. It is important that you also link the new form to your Shopware recipient list, so that your new newsletter recipients are added directly to your Shopware list. After you have created the form, you can add it to your Shopware page as described above

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