Shopify App: Creating & sending newsletters

Add our CleverReach newsletter app for Shopify to your Shopify store and install the app to send newsletters to your customers directly from Shopify and to draw attention to your latest offers quickly and easily. During the initial synchronization of our plugin you can add your CleverReach account for the connection or create a new CleverReach account.

Our CleverReach app for Shopify has lot of benefits like the automatical creation of a recipient list with your Shopify contacts, you can use a newsletter form for your buyers and you can use marketing activities in Shopify for creating your newsletters in your shop design simply and easily directly in Shopify:

Creating a marketing campaign in Shopify

To create an email campaign in Shopify you have to go to the side menu and click on Marketing and on Campaigns. There you can create a new campaign when you click on the Create campaign button.


A new window pop up where you have to select an activity:


Please click the Other tab and select Create a simple email with CleverReach. 


Email template configuration

When you have installed our CleverReach app for Shopify a configuration email form in your shop design will be displayed:


In the activity details you can change for example the activity name, subject, sender´s name. All changes will automatically be shown in the preview of your activity.


In addition, you can change the logo of the mailing, add your social media links via small buttons, add one or more products to your newsletter or a discount of your Shopify shop. 


Since the desktop screen cannot be displayed in the template preview with its full width on most screens, it can be shown in your browser window. You just need to click on the Copy browser link in the CleverReach toolbar of the preview screen and paste the copied URL in your browser. This allows you to see the desktop version of your newsletter.

Campaign release

Once your newsletter is finished you can send it to your customers. To do so, you just need to click on the Publish now button to start sending out the campaign directly. When you would like to send out the newsletter on a date and time in the future you can set it and click on Schedule.


After a few minutes, your activity will have the status scheduled. Please note that the form in the scheduled status, cannot be edited.

When the newsletter is scheduled, you can send a preview email. You just have to click on the Send preview email button in your scheduled campaign:


The preview email is sent to the email address of your Shopify account holder.

Campaign report

When your newsletter is delivered to your recipients, the status will be set to Sent in Shopify:


In Shopify you can also see the results of your newsletter. Click on Marketing - Campaigns and on the newsletter you would like to see the report of. Your campaign will be opened where you have to click on View report:


The current information about your campaign can be seen, like a number of delivered emails, number of opened emails, number of orders, site visitors:


Help & Support

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team.