What is SSL and how do I store an SSL certificate for my subdomain in CleverReach?

What is SSL?

SSL is short for "Secure Socket Layer" and essential when it comes to the secure data transfer on the internet or the deliverability of emails. By implementing SSL, your browser can establish an encrypted connection to a server, as the browser knows the server belongs to the domain it claims.

Today’s SSL certificates are based on the successor TLS (Transport Layer Security), SSL, however, is still the name in use. An indicator that SSL/TLS is activated, is the small lock icon in the search bar of your browser.

Deposit SSL certificate for your subdomain in CleverReach

You can activate SSL for your own subdomain in your CleverReach account and add a certificate. To get an SSL certificate for your subdomain, you’d have to contact a certification authority.

Add an SSL certificate in your account: My Account - Settings - SSL


You see an overview of the domains you have already added. Start the setup by clicking on Add Certificate. A new screen pops up. Please enter your domain, private key and certificate (CRT):


Private Key: The private key is the secret key for signing the SSL/TLS connections. You should never make the private key available to anybody else.

Certificate (CRT): Please enter your certificate. SSL certificates have to be issued by a reputable certification authority.  

For SSL to work correctly, you must also customize the CNAME. The CNAME must point to ssl.cleverreach.com. If this has not yet been changed, you may receive the following message:


In this case, please check the CNAME entry. At https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx, for example, the CNAME entry can be checked and errors played out.

If everything has been entered correctly, the SSL certificate will successfully be added:


Please note

  • To receive an SSL certificate for your subdomain, please turn to a certification authority. Usually, you can get your SSL certificate from your domain provider.
  • You’ll automatically receive a notification before your certificate expires (1 month and a week before the expiration date)
  • This feature is only available in paid accounts.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our service team. They’ll be happy to support you.