WordPress Installation Manual

You can download the plugin here 

Step 1:

If you have enabled Multisite, navigate to "My Sites -> Network Admin -> Plugins".


If you have a single-site environment, navigate to “Plugins” in the sidebar menu.


Step 2:

Go to the “Add New” submenu item, and if you have a zip archive, upload it to WordPress.


If you don't have a ZIP archive, you can get the extension directly from WordPress using the search bar.


The third option is to manually upload the plugin folder by using FTP and uploading the plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder.


Step 3:

If you have enabled Multisite, you can enable the plugin for all sites by going to "Plugins -> Installed Plugins" with "Network Admin" selected from "My Sites", and activate the plugin by selecting "Network Activate".


Another option is to enable the plugin only for a specific site by going to "My Sites -> Specific Site" and then navigate to "Plugins" in the menu tab and activate the plugin.


If you have a single site, then navigate to "Plugins -> Installed Plugins" and activate the plugin.


Step 4:

You can access your CleverReach® plugin by navigating to "WordPress > CleverReach®".



You can download the plugin here