Shopify Forms - Inserting form to pages

Before you start, please install our plugin for the connection between CleverReach and Shopify. By installing and first synchronizing of the app, a recipient list and a form for your Shopify users will be automatically created in CleverReach. Of course, you are welcome to create additional forms in CleverReach and link them to your Shopify list. More information you will find here.

You have the possibility to integrate a form into your shop using the theme editor, as a proxy page and the form can be integrated into pages.

To insert a CleverReach® form into the page, you have to copy the form section and manually paste it into the page code.

In the first you have to go to the CleverReach Dashboard in Shopify and then to the "Forms" tab. There, select the form you want to insert, click on the icon with the three dots ("...") for more options (1) and click on "Add form" in the drop-down menu (2).


In the dialog that opens, you will see an HTML code snippet that must be inserted into the page on which you want to embed your form. Click on the "Copy" button to copy this code to the clipboard.


Go back to the shop administration and open up the page (blog, product, collection etc.) you want to insert the form into for editing. You will see a standard text editor, which you can edit normally. However, it is also possible to edit the code itself and add custom HTML elements into it. Inside the editor, click on the button with tags (“<>”) to open page code.


Editor content will change and you will now be able to see HTML markup code of all the elements inside that page. All you have to do now is paste the snippet you copied before anywhere inside the code and save changes.


After saving you can click on the "View" button to see a preview of your page with the form:



Now your form is already integrated and your visitors, interested parties, customers etc. can register for your newsletter.


Further possibilities to add a CleverReach form to Shopify:

  1. Insert as Proxy Page
  2. Inserting a form using the theme editor