Zapier Plugin - Custom Fields

Our Zapier Plugin allows you to transfer your own custom data fields to CleverReach. The following fields are available in Zapier for each zap "Action Add/Update Subscriber":

Required Fields:

- List = Select list

- Email = Select email address

Optional Fields:

- Double Opt In = Double-Opt-In Yes/No

- Form = Select form

- Source of data

- Salutation

- Title

- First name

- Last name

- Street Address

- Zip Code

- City

- Country

- State/Province

- Birthday

- Phone

- Shop

- Customer Number

- Newsletter Subscription

- Language

- Activate recipients

- Tags separator = How do you want to separate your tags? (comma, semi colon, period, space)

- Tags = Add content you want to attach to your recipients as tags.

- Custom fields = Here you find all data fields from your recipient list that you have created. You can add another data field to your recipient list and update Zapier to see the new data field.


We want to show you how to create your own fields and synchronize them automatically with the following example:

  1. Please log into Zapier and create a new zap.
  2. The trigger in our example is a recipient in MailChimp subscribing to the newsletter and being directly transferred to CleverReach. We select the trigger "New Subscriber in MailChimp" for the workflow.
  3. The action in our example is "Add Subscriber in CleverReach", to add the recipient automatically in CleverReach.


  1. When assigning data fields under "Custom fields", you can select other data fields from CleverReach or create new data fields and link them to the MailChimp data fields.


  1. Directly switch from Zapier to CleverReach via this link ("this link") and create the new field or copy the name of the existing field and paste it in Zapier.

Example new data field: Tags count



Now you have your data field in CleverReach and can use it for creating segments.