Joomla! CleverReach® Plugin installation instructions

Joomla! CleverReach® Plugin installation instructions

1) Go to Extensions > Manage > Install in your Joomla! administration panel.


2) Now either browse your device or drag & drop the compressed plugin archive.


3) Upload the compressed archive of the plugin.

4) The package will automatically be installed, and you will get a success message afterwards.


5) You can ensure that the CleverReach package with all of its components is successfully installed by navigating to Extensions > Manage > Manage and typing ‘cleverreach’ in the search box.


6) You can now access CleverReach by navigating to Components > CleverReach in the main menu.


7) In the next step you will find the following selection option:

If this option is turned on, CleverReach initial synchronization will threaten all users as subscribers. Every later synchronization will use subscription status that was added to User administration."


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