Zapier Plugin - Installation & Features

Zapier is a cloud-based integration platform which allows you to easily and quickly connect two or more systems with CleverReach and automate recurring, time-consuming or manual work steps with the help of simple links - the so-called Zaps. 


Our plugin allows you to connect your Excel spreadsheet, Facebook LeadAds, Pipedrive and much more with CleverReach and transfer your data fully automated. You decide what kind of data you want to transfer. 

Synchronize different types of data:

  • Newsletter subscriptions and unsubscribes
  • First name, last name, interests, gender, age, date of birth, address details…
  • Shops: purchased products, revenue, purchase frequency, average shopping cart, order number, item number, product name, price, currency, quantity, product details of your product, images, texts, size, material…
  • CRM Systems: customer inquiries, previous contact occasions, interest in services/ products, hobbies

With our plugin you can also transfer user-defined fields to CleverReach.

Click here for an example. (Link HC Artikel). 


Log into your Zapier account and create a new Zap:


For example, you can automatically transfer and synchronize your Excel data, Facebook LeadAds, Gmail contacts, Eventbrite contacts with CleverReach:


Here you can find the CleverReach Zaps.

When establishing a connection in Zapier you have to select the direction of the data transfer and the CleverReach account you want to be used. If you already have a CleverReach account, you can enter your account details. You can also create a new account if you like:


Depending on the Zap you want to create and use, you’ll have to enter different kinds of data. 

Example Workflow:

If you want new CleverReach recipients to automatically be transferred to your Gmail account, the first step is to define the trigger for the workflow in Zapier:


Choose App & Event: Which app and event should be the trigger?

Choose Account: please select your CleverReach account

Customize Subscriber: Select the recipient list in CleverReach the trigger should work for

Find Data: system search for recipients in the list

In the next step you’ll see a screen for the settings in your Gmail account. After setting up the zap, you must activate the zap so that the details can be transmitted.


From the time you activate it, the workflow takes place automatically.


Some links have similar, but not identical Zaps, for example for transferring address data from Google Contacts to CleverReach. We recommend reading the exact functional description of the respective Zap carefully to ensure that the right workflow is executed.

If you have any questions or need more details, please submit your inquiry here.