Integration metasfresh

metasfresh is a cloud based open source CRM/ERP solution that provides a very flexible, simple and customizable web interface for you. The developers of metasfresh have developed an integration for the connection between CleverReach and metasfresh, allowing you to easily transfer your contact data and assign marketing campaigns. These campaigns are synchronized with your contact data in both directions between metasfresh and CleverReach®.


  • Bidirectional synchronization of contact data and marketing campaigns
  • Use contact data in metasfresh for other marketing campaigns, e.g. print bulk letters
  • Automatic synchronization of newsletter subscribers
  • Flexibly filter and select contacts
  • Multi-Campaign Support
  • Display of Synchronization Status


The integration is available in metasfresh by default and is not offered separately. 

You will need an account with metasfresh as well as an account with CleverReach to connect the APIs of both systems. You can create an account with our email marketing tool here.

You can find the CleverReach feature directly in metasfresh under "Marketing". In the first step, you have to set up CleverReach as "Marketing Platform" by entering your CleverReach access data.


If your user does not have the required rights, you will find further information and support here.

Metasfresh automatically saves the new marketing platform for you. This establishes the connection, no further separate API activation is required.

In the next step you can create a "Marketing Campaign" in metasfresh, in which you can include all contacts.


The synchronization of the data takes place in both directions and can be started using the processes in the pull-down menu in metasfresh.


Help & Support

If you have any questions or need help with the installation, you are welcome to contact the metasfresh support team. If you have any questions regarding CleverReach, our support team will be happy to help you at any time.

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