Shopify App – Features & Installation

We developed a plugin that allows you to connect your Shopify account quickly and easily with CleverReach. Follow this link to the Shopify App Store to add our plugin to your Shopify shop.

Our plugin is not only easy to use but also holds lots of benefits and useful features for you:

Automatically created recipient lists in CleverReach

When installing the plugin, a recipient list with data fields, segments and tags is created automatically for you. This way, you have a clearly arranged list of all your recipients with pre-defined filters (e.g. a segment of newsletter subscribers is automatically created) and you can start sending your first newsletter right away.

Which recipients are transmitted?

Before the initial import you select the contacts you want to transfer from Shopify to CleverReach – email subscribers, buyers or other contacts. You can also select all contacts and transmit them. It is important that the recipients and data have been collected in accordance with the GDPR. You can find more information about the GDPR here. Your selected data sets are imported to CleverReach as active recipients into the Shopify recipient list and each of them gets so-called “Special Tags“ attached.  

There are three types of recipients you can synchronize with CleverReach:


All people who have subscribed to your newsletter.


All people, who have purchased something in your shop. This also includes guest buyers.

(Other) Contacts

All people, who have neither subscribed to your newsletter nor purchased in your shop, i.e. all other people in your database.


Find detailed instructions here (Link HC Artikel). You can also edit the settings in the plugin at a later time and synchronize further contacts.

Which data are transferred?

  • Newsletter subscriptions and unsubscribes  
    • Recipients get the newsletter status  “yes“ or “no“
  • First and last name, gender, age, date of birth, address details…
  • Purchased products, revenue, order number, product number, price, currency, quantity…
  • Product details of your Shopify products such as images, texts, price, size, material…

In the plugin dashboard you have the possibility to select how old the purchase data that will be transferred should be. By default the purchase data of the last 365 days is transferred. If you want to transfer older purchase data to CleverReach, you can select this in the plugin under [Settings] and start the synchronization.


Which tags are automatically attached to my recipients?

When the recipient list is created, tags are automatically attached to your recipients.

Recipients automatically receive tags regarding product categories, product attributes & manufacturer or their last order date. Your created tags in Shopify are also attached to your recipients.



Shopify: Shop system 

Special: for Special Tag

Buyer: Tag for a buyer from your shop

Which data fields are created for a recipient?

The following details are automatically created for each recipient as data fields in CleverReach:

  • First name, last name, Street, ZIP code, city, state, country, business, shop, etc.

Additionally, the following order-/purchase details are attached as data fields to your recipients:

  • Last Order Date
    • Example: Your customer made their last purchase in your shop a month ago. Filter by this date and send them a “We miss you“ newsletter including a discount code for their next purchase.
  • Number of Orders
    • Example: Via the data field "Order Count" you can filter the number of orders a customer has placed. This allows you to address your customers via newsletter in a targeted way, for example after they have made more than 50 purchases.
  • Total Expense of all Orders  
    • Example: The field "Total Expense of all Orders" allows you to contact all customers who, e.g., have spent more than 1,000 euros in your shop.

Which segments are automatically created in my recipient list?

Segments for special tags are created automatically. Thus, you automatically have a segment for each special tag that you can directly select for sending your newsletter.


In addition, segments are created with the tags you assign in Shopify.

How and how often does a synchronization between Shopify and CleverReach take place?

There’s a regular live synchronization of new recipients and customers including their order details. Data are synchronized bi-directionally. If the address details change in the CleverReach data set, this is also updated in Shopify.  

Unsubscribes in CleverReach are also synchronized in Shopify and customers in Shopify are set to "Email-Status = inactive". Your recipients no longer receive your newsletter.

On your Shopify dashboard you can take a look at „Dashboard“ to find out when the last synchronization took place.


More Features:

Automatic Creation of a Signup Form for your Shopify Recipient List  

When you install the plugin, a signup form is created automatically in your CleverReach account, which you can easily integrate in your Shopify shop. New subscribers automatically end up in your Shopify recipient list in a GDPR-compliant way.


You can create as many forms as you like in CleverReach and add them to your Shopify shop. Simply copy your existing form or create a new one and link it to your Shopify recipient list and insert it in your shop. That’s how your contacts directly enter your recipient list in compliance with GDPR and can be contacted via newsletter.

Tag-based Creation Process in CleverReach

The tag-based email creation process is also available in our plugin. This means that you can select one of the automatically created special tags directly in the email creation process to send your newsletter. You no longer have to create a segment, but can start sending your first newsletter right away.


Create Abandoned Cart Emails with THEA

With our plugin you have the possibility to automatically contact shopping cart cancelers by e-mail and to draw their attention to your still filled shopping cart. On the dashboard in Shopify there is the tab "Abandoned Cart". There you can activate and manage the function:


On this page, you have the possibility to set when the emails should be sent automatically to your customers. With just one click, you can go directly to the email processing of the abandoned cart canceler email in CleverReach and activate or deactivate the THEA automation.

Please note that the "abandoned cart emails" or "abandoned cart functions" of your shop system must be deactivated so that we can send the "Abandoned Cart Emails" automatically.

You can find detailed instructions in our Helpcenter article.

Newsletter creation & sending directly in Shopify

With our app you have the possibility to create a newsletter in your store design with just a few clicks directly in Shopify and send it to your customers. Under Marketing - Overview you can create a new campaign. Then click on the tab Other and select Create a simple eMail with CleverReach.


It opens a configuration for your ready-made newsletter in your shop design in which you can enter the subject and sender, insert your logo, social media links and your products quickly and easily with just a few clicks and much more.


When you are done with the configuration, you can send the newsletter immediately or set a desired time for sending it. By clicking on Publish now the dispatch starts, by clicking on the Schedule button you save the newsletter and the desired dispatch time. You can find more information in our Helpcenter article.

Insert Shopify Discount Codes

In addition to the existing product search, discount codes can be easily dragged & dropped from your Shopify shop into your CleverReach newsletter.


Use the CleverReach® Connect Link Extension

When a customer makes a purchase, the integration transmits order details to your CleverReach®-Report. This allows you to monitor sales generated through your mailings.

Support of GDPR guidelines within Shopify

If a customer in Shopify requests do receive details on the data stored about them, the Shopify plugin user receives a message from the plugin and can thus quickly send the details to their customer.

Support for Shopify Admin Links

Among various menu items in the Shopify backend such as customers, products, discounts, there is a link that takes you directly to CleverReach to create your new email campaign. 

Installing the Plugin

Step 1: Please go to the Shopify App Store and download the plugin. You can find the link here:


After you have clicked on "Add app", a screen appears with all important information about the plugin:


Step 2: Now you are very welcome to create a CleverReach account or enter your data if you already have an account with us and establish the connection between your Shopify account and CleverReach:


Step 3: A screen will now appear with the information that the connection will be established and your account will be set up. If your CleverReach account is created now, you will receive your access data via email.


Step 4: In the next step you have to select which data or recipients should be transferred to CleverReach. Before you start the initial synchronization please keep in mind which recipients you would like to synchronize and if you have the correct agreement for sending newsletters to the recipient according to the GDPR. More information you can find here.


As soon as you have made your selection and clicked "Import recipients", the first synchronization will start. The dashboard will automatically appear in the background with a current status via the automatic account setup and all important information is listed for you:


You are welcome to start immediately, the setup will continue to run in parallel in the background and takes only a few seconds. We wish you much fun and success with our plugin!

Other important notes:

Migration of v2 users (old Plugin Version) to v3:

In July 2020, a new plugin version with the above mentioned features was released. With the new plugin version there was a change from Rest API v2 to Rest API v3.

If you are an existing CleverReach user who uses the Shopify integration, you will be migrated easily to the new version without the need to sign up again. Within the migration process, all Shopify customers who have activated the newsletter (Accepts marketing = true) are automatically transferred to CleverReach as active recipients. Other recipient groups (buyers or contacts) are neither synchronized nor deleted in CleverReach. You can always manage and activate the synchronization of contacts or buyers under the tab "Sync Settings".


Go to the Settings and hit „Disconnect“ to cut off the connection.



The plugin is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Help & Support:

If you have any questions or need some help with the installation process, please contact us at any time. Submit your inquiry here.