Shopify App - Error Messages

Help us to help you

You want to use our Shopify plugin, but receive error messages when installing it? Please check the following points in advance:

Account Data

Have you completed all your data under "My Account -> Settings -> My Data"?

You can only successfully establish a connection when all data have been entered.


Have you activated access to the "REST API" for the user who wants to connect to CleverReach via the plugin? If you receive the error message "The user has no API access“ or "The user does not have the necessary rights“ you haven’t activated the REST API access for them yet.

REST API access must be enabled for the user by the account admin.

Find detailed instructions right here.

Are you using the latest plugin version?

You can always find the latest version in your Plugin Manager by searching for “CleverReach“. Or simply click here.

Are you familiar with the complete instructions?

Click here for instructions on our Shopify plugin.

Details on Error Messages

Error Message "Your CleverReach account is disconnected"


If you receive the error message that your account is no longer connected, please enter your CleverReach login details and establish the connection once again. If you receive another error message, please contact our support team (

Error Message "An error occurred during synchronization"


If you receive the error message that an error occurred when trying to establish a connection, please restart the synchronization. If that doesn’t work or you receive an error message once again, please contact our support team (

Error Message "Error – An unknown error has occurred. Please try again later.”

When you receive the error message "An unknown error has occurred", you’re probably using an outdated version of the plugin, browser version or third party cookies are not permitted.  

Please try to connect with Chrome or Firefox in the latest version. Browsers such as Internet Explorer or Safari unfortunately are not supported.

It’s also helpful to allow third party cookies. When using Google Chrome and you’ve activated the third party cookies blocker, the error appears. If you are using Safari as your browser and have "cross-site tracking" enabled, the error also occurs.

Find more details in our HelpCenter post.

Error Message "Bad Request: maximum attribute count exceeded":

You have created too many data fields in your CleverReach account. You can create a maximum of 45 data fields. The Shopify plugin automatically creates 17 data fields during the initial import, such as first name, last name, address, etc.

Delete all data fields from your CleverReach account you no longer need or that are not filled with data.

Error Message "(InitialSyncTask) failed due to extended inactivity period":

This means, the synchronization takes longer than expected. At this point the timeout in the shop or plugin should be increased. Please send us further details as described below.

Other Error Messages

To analyze your case more closely, please send a detailed error description via email to our support team. Please also send us screenshots visualizing the problem.

For a detailed analysis, please send us your Shopify backend URL and user name and password to The FTP access data for your server will also help us to carry out the analysis quickly and successfully.

Before we access the external software, please confirm the text below. For this purpose, we need an email from the CleverReach account administrator or the account owner:

I hereby confirm the following:

"I acknowledge that CleverReach® only owes email support according to the terms and conditions. The access to my system is a voluntary service beyond the contract. It is a special agreement, for which CleverReach® does not assume any liability."

Many thanks in advance.