Which settings can be made for each customer (sub account)

General Settings

Customer data, domain settings and account status can be handled for each customer. Just open [Agency Free] – [Customers] and click on the respective client.

Adjust the account status under tab [Settings]:

active – account can be used without restrictions.

no delivery possible – customer cannot send emails.

no login possible – customer cannot login

completely blocked – account is blocked completely and the links in emails are deactivated.

Furthermore under [Available templates] you can set, if the customer may have access to the Cleverreach standard templates and elements.



Flexible Invoicing

The payment method can be set for each customer individually. The following options are available:

1. Customer pays (Invoicing by CleverReach)

All transactions take place between the customer and CleverReach. We will create and send the invoices as well as handle the payments.

After the payment you will get the commission which is transferred on the 15th. You or your customer can book the plan in the sub account.

2. I pay (My account is charged)

a. Unlimited delivery: The customer can send an unlimited number of emails. All actions performed by the customer will be invoiced to you retrospectively on the 15th of the following month. When your account does not have sufficient Flex mails (or Enterprise emails) these emails will be charged with prepaid prices.

b. Limited delivery: The customer receives an automatic monthly quota, which is deducted from your monthly quota. (Essential plans are excluded).

These features need to be activated by the support. 

3. I take on the invoices (All invoices are issued to me)

Invoicing takes place between you and CleverReach. Insert your bank account details into your multi-account before your client books a plan. Only your payment data will be used. You will not get a monthly commission from us. Invoices will show the standard prices minus the commission (generally 20%). More about this under Commission

Important: When you select this option, all transactions by your customer will be charged to you. In order to limit the transactions create a user for your customer with limited rights. 


4. Transfer emails

You can book a Flex plan in your main account and transfer these email to the sub accounts. 


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