How can I create a subdomain when I use the premium version?

By using your own tracking URL recipients will not immediately notice that the email they just received from you was sent by a third party. To use your own domains within our agency solution you will need to set up two domains so that CleverReach information can now be seen in the URLs. Carry out the following steps:

1. Create a subdomain (e.g. and set a cname record. You will find the necessary information on the CNAME directly in your account under [Account] – [Settings] – [Domains].

2. Create an additional wildcard domain for your future customers: * and enter the same CNAME information as for your main domain.

After 48 hours at the latest you should be able to select your domain as master domain under [Agency Premium] – [Premium Settings]

Please note the following instructions:

1. We do not support the use of A-Records, since domains no longer function if we switch our IP-addresses.

2. Updating domain settings can take up to 48 hours depending on the provider. For this reason we recommend to wait at least 48 hours before using a new domain.

3. The subdomain may not begin with numbers or special characters.

4. Some providers demand that the CNAME end with a period.

A detailed description can be found in our helpcenter.

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