Special Tags and Tag-Based Email Creation Process in Our Integrations

When using our integrations, you transfer the contacts from your store, CRM, CMS system to CleverReach. In our latest integrations (*1) you can actively select the contacts you want to transfer from your system to ours – and they get special tags attached in the background during the first synchronization.

Why Special Tags?

After the first synchronization, you’ll see the selected special tags when creating an email and can select them for sending your newsletter. Just after a few clicks you can quickly and easily get started with your first mailing.

Before You Start

Before the first synchronization you should consider which recipients and which data you would like to transfer. Only recipients from whom you have collected the data in accordance with the GDPR may be transferred. You can find the most important information about the GDPR here

You see a settings screen. In this screen you can select the recipients you want to synchronize with CleverReach. The selected recipients then get special tags attached during the synchronization. Here’s an example of our Shopify app:


When clicking on „Restart synchronization“, all selected recipients (e.g. Subscribers) are transferred as active to CleverReach. Active means that you contact the selected recipients via newsletter.

If there are any changes or updates concerning your customers, they are only transferred to CleverReach if they affect your selected recipients. For example: You have selected the special tag “Subscriber“ before the first synchronization. When a customer buys something from your shop, this is not transferred to CleverReach. When a subscriber changes their address in your shop, the changes are automatically transferred to CleverReach.

Recipient Synchronization:

There are three kinds of recipients who you can synchronize with CleverReach:

Newsletter Recipient -> Subscriber

All people who have subscribed to your newsletter.

Buying Customer -> Buyer

All people who bought something from your shop. Guest buyers included.

Contacts -> (Other) contacts

All people who have neither subscribed to your newsletter nor purchased something. This means all other people in your database.

Important note: Please observe the GDPR when transmitting data. If you are unsure about this, please contact your legal advisor. Many thanks in advance.

The chart below shows all possible combinations for recipients to (not) be synchronized with regard to three parameters:

  1. A recipient has purchased in your shop
  2. A recipient has subscribed to your newsletter
  3. Configuration of the synchronization (before and after the first synchronization)


Special Tags in Our Email Creation Process

By setting and transferring the special tags, our latest integrations allow you to select the tags for your email newsletter by mouse click during the email creation process.

The image below gives you an example of a Shopware shop after the first successful synchronization. It shows the automatically created recipient list and the tags you can quickly and easily select for your newsletter in the email creation process:


When you click on "Tags" you can see all recipient tags of your recipients. You can send the newsletter to the Tags, to a Segment or the complete recipient list.

You no longer have to create an extra segment, you can send your first newsletter to the tagged recipients right away.

Changing the Synchronization Settings in the Integration

It is possible to change the option(s) you have selected before the first synchronization afterwards. The changes only apply to future data transfers. Everything you have already transferred to CleverReach, remains unaffected. If you, for example, untick a checkbox, no data is deleted in CleverReach, they remain in our system.

You can find the settings in your shop system when clicking on our CleverReach integration. In Shopware 5 for example you find it under the tab "Settings":


In case you select new special tags, the synchronization is started for the recipients concerned.


 All future synchronizations are carried out with the new settings.


Important advices

  1. Currently only our official Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento 2, Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 plugins support the above features.
  2. Of course, you can manually delete the data within CleverReach in our system, if they are no longer needed.
  3. Please note that we cannot and may not provide general legal advice. If you are unsure whether you have collected the data of your recipients correctly and in accordance with the GDPR, we would advise you to contact your legal advisor in this regard.