Which features do I have in the backend?

1. Customer Management

In this area you can create and manage as many sub accounts as you need for customers, branches or departments. You can find an account with the filter option as well as the search function. You can see when the accounts were created, the booked price plan and the number of email recipients. By a click on "Log in as customer" you can open the sub account and work with it. There you could send emails, check what is done in this account and so on. 



2. Templates

In tab [Templates] insert your own email templates and elements for the sub accounts. You can save there templates and elements with the CI of your company for branches, customers or departments. Standard templates and elements from CleverReach are also available there and can be hidden or unhidden for certain sub accounts (see also topic Settings).  


3. Agency Invoicing

In tab [Agency Invoicing] you can find an overview about the commissions from all paying users. Here you can also insert your bank details. Furthermore you get an overview about the estimated costs from your clients, for whom you take over the payments. 



4. Payout Information

We need your bank account or Paypal details for the payment of the commissions. Insert them under [Agency] – [Agency Invoicing] – [Payout information].


5. Monitoring

The Monitoring tab gives a quick overview and shows all email deliveries and activities from your sub accounts or rather customers



6. Premium Settings

Some features are only available in the Premium version. You can get these functions by an update. After that you have a whitelable solution

6.1. General - Agency or Company name 

You can insert an individual name, e.g. the company name, the name of the department or your agency name. This name will be shown in different parts of the program, e.g. in the browser tab.

Insert in this in area also your own domain name (URL). Your customers can open their accounts with this URL and this will be the standard URL for tracking links.


6.2. Sender information for system emails 

Insert here the sender information for emails that are automatically sent by the system (e.g. invoices, password and so on).


6.3. Design 

The system can be labelled with your own branding. Insert your own logo for the user interface, system messages, login page and invoices. 


6.4. Legal Notice

You might wish to take over the invoices for some customers. In these cases that legal notice will be shown in the sub acount that was added under [Premium Settings] / [Legal Notice]. That users that pay the invoices by their own will see CleverReach and your data in the legal notice as the invoicing is carried out by CleverReach. This is just about the legal notice shown in the sub account of your customer/department/branch. Each customer or account must take its own legal notice in the newletters.


6.5. Display options 

Here, you’ll set if your customers will have access to all interfaces and our help center including FAQ. You should restrict the access if you want to sell the software under your own name as the name „CleverReach“ is mentioned in several interfaces and the helpcenter.


6.6. Commission

You get a commission for customers that pay their invoices by their own. You can set how much you will get. The standard commission is 20%. The commission will change when you adjust the percentage. Should you select a commission of below 20% your client would get a discount. Please remember that these changes will modify the amount invoiced. A commission of 10% means that your customers get a discount of 10%. Your customers need to pay more when choose a commission of more than 20%. This feature is only available in the premium version. The premium multi-account solution is with costs and can be booked under Agency Free.

Commissions are paid midmonth provided that the commission is above 15€ (plus VAT)


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