CleverReach Premium Agency Solution

We offer two versions of our agency solution – the free and the premium version. But what exactly is the agency solution, why should you use it and what benefits does the premium whitelabel version hold for you?

The agency solution enables you to have one main account and create and manage numerous sub-accounts. This is especially advantageous for agencies and big businesses, as they can manage their customers and departments in a simple, easy, and clearly structured way. Our premium version additionally offers you the possibility to use CleverReach as an email marketing whitelabel tool and enjoy a great number of benefits.

All features of our multi-account solution at a glance:

1. Customer Management (also available in free version)

 You can create and manage an unlimited number of accounts for customers, subsidiaries, or departments. Use search and filter options to search for specific accounts.


2. Monitoring (also available in free version)

The monitoring section gives you an overview of all sub-accounts and customers and their sent emails and activities. It shows you, e.g., how many recipients an account currently has.


3. Agency Support (also available in free version)

As an agency you have the huge advantage that you and your sub-accounts can consult our phone premium support. This means, you can submit all your technical questions and requests simply via phone call. Of course, you may also contact our support team at at any time.

 4. Use Your Own Domain

In the account settings you can enter your own main URL. All created customers can easily access your account with this URL. At the same time, this URL is the default URL for tracking links.

Please note that currently no SSL support is offered when using your own domain.

5. Your Branding in the CleverReach Backend (Logo, Name, Legal Notice)

Use our email marketing tool as a whitelabel solution and give it an individual name, e.g. that of your business, agency or one of your departments. The name appears at various spots in the system, e.g. in the browser tab.


You can also define sender information for emails that the systems sends automatically (e. g. invoices, reset password emails etc.).


You can also add your own branding to the tool and use CleverReach as an email marketing whitelabel solution. Adjust the CleverReach backend to your design by uploading your logo for the user interface, system messages, login page and invoices to the “Design“ section:


You also have the option to adjust your legal notice in the premium settings. We’re talking about the legal notice that is displayed to your customers/ departments/ subsidiaries in the account at this point. Each customer or sub-account can create their own legal notice for the emails they send.

Customers that you pay for only see the legal notice that you have entered in the premium settings. Sub-accounts who pay for themselves see your and our data in the legal notice in the account, as CleverReach carries out the billing.


6. Hide the CleverReach Integrations and Support and FAQ section

At this point you can decide whether your customers should have access to the CleverReach integrations and FAQs. If you promote our system as your own and use the whitelabel solution, we recommend restricting the access, as the name “CleverReach“ appears in numerous integration descriptions and in our HelpCenter.


7. Payment Options & Commissions

You can set the payment method for each sub-account individually. Choose between the following payment options in the free and premium version of our multi-account solution:

1. Customers pay for themselves (Billing via CleverReach)

Everything regarding billing takes places between the customer and CleverReach. We take care of invoicing and payment processing for you.

You receive a commission for all payments of your customers. Either you or your customer buy their favored price plan in their account.

 2. All bills are on you

Payments take place between you/ your agency account and CleverReach. Please enter your payment details in your agency account before customers start buying price plans for their accounts. We exclusively use your payment data when you decide to go with this payment option.

 You don’t receive monthly commissions. Instead, we will charge you all prices minus an agency account discount in the same amount as the commission that would otherwise be due (that’s 20% in our free version).

Please note: If you select this option, we charge you for all transactions of your customers. To limit transactions, simply give your customers restricted user rights.

You can also buy a one-time Flex quota which you can give to your sub-accounts. Simply go to the “Billing“ section in the sub-account. There’s a button to share your Flex quota with the sub-account.


Individually set the payment method for each customer by going to [Agency-Customers], clicking on the respective customer and selecting [Billing].


Both payment options are available in our free as well as our premium version of our agency solution. The premium version offers further options concerning billing and commissions:

Commissions (Premium) 

From self-paying customers you will receive a commission. You can adjust the scope in the premium version of our email marketing whitelabel solution yourself. You will receive a regular 20% commission. If you change the percentage, your commission will also change. For example, if you set a lower commission than 20%, your customers will benefit from this in the form of a discount.

Please note that this also changes the invoice amount for the respective customer. For example, if you choose a commission of only 10%, your customers will receive a 10% discount on our price plans.

If you choose a higher commission than 20%, your customer will be charged this commission. This feature is only available in the premium version.

You can buy the multi-account premium solution in „My Account – Pricing & Billing“ for a fee.

Payout of commissions

Please provide us with your bank details or PayPal account details under [Agency – Billing] – [Payout Information] so we can pay out your commission.

The commission is paid out in the middle of the following month, provided that a commission amount of at least 15.00 EUR (plus VAT) is available.


Go ahead and create a free account and get started with your email marketing whitelabel solution. We’d be happy to have you on board!