Integration SugarCRM

MyCRM GmbH is a young company from Plochingen, Germany, that has specialized in Sugar as a CRM platform. Among other things, they offer hosting for Sugar and have developed an integration for the connection between SugarCRM and CleverReach.


Install the integration via the module loader in Sugar. You can quickly and easily set up and configure the integration via the admin panel. You will also receive documentation on the use of the integration and installation.

Click on the following link for instructions on how to establish a connection:


  • Synchronize contact lists (contacts, prospects, businesses and targets) in Sugar and CleverReach®
  • Synchronize and update contact details (e. g. salutation, first and last name, customer ID, changes of email address, user-defined fields, etc.)
  • Map fields (important details don’t get lost)
  • Setting for ignoring recipients from CleverReach in CRM
  • Supports flat rate model
  • View CleverReach® campaign statistics (and much more) in Sugar
  • History and evaluations for every contact – take a look at open, click and conversion rates of your contacts directly in Sugar
  • Synchronize unsubscribes and bounces
  • It is displayed whether a contact/prospect is on the blacklist
  • Soft and hard bounces can be imported from CleverReach into Sugar
  • Option to define what happens when CleverReach recipients are deleted in Sugar

The MyCRM integration supports our REST API, which makes it possible to constantly synchronize data and keep them up-to-date in both systems.


For Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise the integration hosted in the SugarCloud (directly at SugarCRM) is released. Please contact MyCRM to learn more about support for on-premise installations of Sugar.

The CleverReach® integration was tested with Sugar versions 8.0.X up to Sugar 9.3.X (MyCRM-Cloud and SugarOnDemand).

Further details:

Sugar / CleverReach Terms:

In Sugar, Lists are called Target List 

In Sugar, recipients are divided into Leads and Contacts


Flatrate mode – Create new list (Tags):

The flatrate mode at MyCRM is our Essential price plan. The Essential plan allows you to contact your active recipients via newsletter as often as you like. Bounce addresses and unsubscribes are not counted.

In the Sugar Flat Rate Mode, the integration only uses one list for synchronization. All further lists in Sugar are transferred to CleverReach as tag attributes. Thus, you can continue to create selection lists in Sugar (invitations for an event, product mailings, holiday emails to customers) and these are transferred to CleverReach by a tag. All recipients end up in a global recipient list in CleverReach. If the flat rate mode is deactivated, you can create as many lists as you like.


You can find more information in the app store of Sugar.

And now – enjoy using the integration!